Thursday, February 11, 2016

The First Two Let Love Glow Publications - GFVeganizeit and The Weekly Glow - are Ready for You!!!

Wavin' atchya, DDScottville Peeps!

I'm filled with joy to let you know that my first two Let Love Glow Publications are ready for you!!!

GFVeganizeit is my Gluten-Free Vegan Recipe and Lifestyle Newsletter where it's all about sharing that living gfvegan is as yummy as it is healthy and loving-kind. With your $10 monthly subcription fee, you receive a fabulous newsletter each Friday morning in your email inbox at 5 AM EST.

Here are a couple of sample issues for you to check out:

Also included in your $10 monthly subscription is The Weekly Glow which arrives each Sunday morning at 5 AM EST. The Weekly Glow is your guide to spiritually-awakened living.

You can check out sample issues here:

Along with GFVeganizeit and The Weekly Glow, your subscription fee also includes my I-AGE Online Classes (based on my bestselling book I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual-Awakening (No Trip to India Required).

These publications are truly straight from my heart to yours, and I'm honored to share the journey with you.

Subscription information is included at the end of each issue or you can subscribe here:

Hugs Love Light Joy Much Gratitude and Namaste --- DD