Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to D. D. Scott's Let Love Glow - a Community for Spiritually-Awakening Beings!

Good Morning DDScottville Peeps!

If you've already read my latest bestselling book I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required), you know that I made a promise to you on the very last page of the book. I wrote:

What I've done is build a bridge from the earth to my heart and mind and then connected that bridge to the Universe, to God, Spirit and all beings and vibrations everywhere.

I listened to my heart for the answers, and I seek coherence with the unconditional love of the Universe. I ask, "What would love do here?" And then I listen for the answers in the stillness.

One of the answers that I've received is that I'm to build my Let Love Glow Community, a community open to all seekers on the path to spiritual awakening, I've started with this book. Let Love Glow will become an international multi-media company including books, social media platforms, television and film, podcasts and internet radio programs, home decor, clothing (vegan and earth-friendly), lifestyle items (candles, incense, art, essential oils, etc.), speaking and travel tours, music, health and fitness, blogs, yoga, meditation adventures and more.

Sharing love, peace and joy with the world is my passion. It's my life purpose. My True North. My Highest Self.

I'm blessed to share with you that the Let Love Glow adventure has begun!

Late last week, I launched my new Facebook Community - Let Love Glow, and every single one of you is invited to join us!

In this community, I'll be sharing my beautifully-designed Lotus Lights (wonderful, light-filled lotus images with loving-kind quotes from I AM GOOD ENOUGH), articles and recipes from two of my new weekly subscription-based newsletters - The Weekly Glow and #gfveganizeit, which will be coming soon, and so much more!

Let's Let Love being, one loving-kind act and one blissful moment at a time.

Hugs and Love and Namaste

I'm Looking Forward to Seeing You in Let Love Glow --- DD

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