Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DDScottville Has a New Cyber Home at Let Love Glow!

Wavin' atchya DDScottville Peeps!

I'm so excited to let you know that DDScottville has moved to a new cyber home at


You'll find all of my fiction books there as well as my non-fiction, and in addition, I'm back to teaching both live and online classes of all kinds! I love sharing what I learn along my journey, and I've missed connecting with all of you in that way as well as in the pages of my books.

What I've done is move from treating you to Happily Ever Afters in the fictional worlds I create to showing you how to create Happily Ever Afters in each of your day-to-day lives. I've found the secrets that allow us to no longer have to escape into the pages of a wonderful fictional story in order to FEEL and LIVE the kind of joy, laughter and unconditional love that I'm known for writing. And I can't wait to share the information with you!

C'mon over to Let Love Glow and have a look around! I'm looking forward to your feedback about this beautiful new website and community of loving-kind beings.

You can purchase my books, book your spot in any of my classes and/or life coaching sessions as well as enjoy my blog. And be sure to sign-up for my newsletter (at the bottom left of the home page) so you're the first to know about new books, events, classes and more.

It's because of each and every one of you that I continue to grow and evolve and redefine success. And I'll forever be grateful.

Hugs Love and Namaste --- DD

P.S. You'll also want to join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ddscottsletloveglow/

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IAGE Mini-Awakenings: Paths, Open Gates and Doors

I've always been drawn to photographs, paintings and sculptures of paths, often with open gates and doors inviting me to follow them and find out what's around the next bend. In fact, my home is full of these kinds of images, and I enjoy looking at them each and every day.

Not until my spiritual awakening, however, did I realize how significant my love for paths, gates and doors was to my progress. The presence of paths, gates and doors symbolizes that you're searching for something. I was searching, but I didn't know what I was searching for. And I certainly didn't know where to find what I was searching for. All I knew was that something was missing from my life. Something spectacular. Something with purpose and meaning. This couldn't be all there was to life.

Sound familiar?

I've been creating space for you to travel this path with me, perhaps my entire life. But it wasn't until I knew, without a doubt that, I am good enough, that I found the courage to lead and teach others how to awaken.

By writing I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required), I hope to help you find your way home, on your own path, through your own open gates and doors.

Hugs Love and Namaste --- DD

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The First Two Let Love Glow Publications - GFVeganizeit and The Weekly Glow - are Ready for You!!!

Wavin' atchya, DDScottville Peeps!

I'm filled with joy to let you know that my first two Let Love Glow Publications are ready for you!!!

GFVeganizeit is my Gluten-Free Vegan Recipe and Lifestyle Newsletter where it's all about sharing that living gfvegan is as yummy as it is healthy and loving-kind. With your $10 monthly subcription fee, you receive a fabulous newsletter each Friday morning in your email inbox at 5 AM EST.

Here are a couple of sample issues for you to check out:



Also included in your $10 monthly subscription is The Weekly Glow which arrives each Sunday morning at 5 AM EST. The Weekly Glow is your guide to spiritually-awakened living.

You can check out sample issues here:



Along with GFVeganizeit and The Weekly Glow, your subscription fee also includes my I-AGE Online Classes (based on my bestselling book I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual-Awakening (No Trip to India Required).

These publications are truly straight from my heart to yours, and I'm honored to share the journey with you.

Subscription information is included at the end of each issue or you can subscribe here:


Hugs Love Light Joy Much Gratitude and Namaste --- DD

Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to D. D. Scott's Let Love Glow - a Community for Spiritually-Awakening Beings!

Good Morning DDScottville Peeps!

If you've already read my latest bestselling book I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required), you know that I made a promise to you on the very last page of the book. I wrote:

What I've done is build a bridge from the earth to my heart and mind and then connected that bridge to the Universe, to God, Spirit and all beings and vibrations everywhere.

I listened to my heart for the answers, and I seek coherence with the unconditional love of the Universe. I ask, "What would love do here?" And then I listen for the answers in the stillness.

One of the answers that I've received is that I'm to build my Let Love Glow Community, a community open to all seekers on the path to spiritual awakening, I've started with this book. Let Love Glow will become an international multi-media company including books, social media platforms, television and film, podcasts and internet radio programs, home decor, clothing (vegan and earth-friendly), lifestyle items (candles, incense, art, essential oils, etc.), speaking and travel tours, music, health and fitness, blogs, yoga, meditation adventures and more.

Sharing love, peace and joy with the world is my passion. It's my life purpose. My True North. My Highest Self.

I'm blessed to share with you that the Let Love Glow adventure has begun!

Late last week, I launched my new Facebook Community - Let Love Glow, and every single one of you is invited to join us!

In this community, I'll be sharing my beautifully-designed Lotus Lights (wonderful, light-filled lotus images with loving-kind quotes from I AM GOOD ENOUGH), articles and recipes from two of my new weekly subscription-based newsletters - The Weekly Glow and #gfveganizeit, which will be coming soon, and so much more!

Let's Let Love Glow...one being, one loving-kind act and one blissful moment at a time.

Hugs and Love and Namaste

I'm Looking Forward to Seeing You in Let Love Glow --- DD

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year and Welcome to I AM GOOD ENOUGH..."The Class"!

Happy New Year DD Scottville Peeps!

I'm so honored to be sharing the new year with you and beyond blessed that our paths continue to connect.

As many of you know, in DDScottville, it's all about finding ways to Let Love Glow...one being, one loving-kind act and one blissful moment at-a-time.

And I'm over the moon grateful to be able to offer you a brand new way to Let Love Glow...

Join me for I AM GOOD ENOUGH..."The Class" based on my bestselling book I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required).

These are 8-week classes beginning in January (meeting one hour per week for eight weeks) and running through March at a few of my favorite boutiques in Sarasota Florida - India Artisans, Wild Ginger Apothecary and Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique.

I'm offering these classes for a $10 Love Offering each week.

You can pick up your copy of the book at any of the class locations or order it on Amazon for $12.49. The ebook is also available on Amazon for $7.99.

Each week, bring yourself, a journal and pen and wear comfy clothing.

I AM GOOD ENOUGH is all about learning to Let Love Glow...one being, one loving-kind act and one blissful moment at-a-time. And it begins with learning to love yourself...as you are...right now.

I look forward to sharing the journey to spiritual awakening with each of you.

Namaste --- DD

P.S. And no worries if you're not in the Sarasota Florida area, I AM GOOD ENOUGH..."The Class" will also be available online beginning later this month!