Sunday, December 6, 2015

Welcome to DDScottville Lotus Lights!

Happy Soul-Full Sunday Peeps!

And Welcome to my DDScottville Lotus Lights!

What are Lotus Lights?

In my new, bestselling book on Spiritual Awakening - I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required), I share fabulous tips that I call Lotus Lights. Lotus Lights help you rise out of the dark mud of your ego. Our egos hold us back, preventing progress on our paths to spiritual awakening. (I teach you how to work with your ego throughout the book.)

I call these bits of daily guidance Lotus Lights because the lotus, one of the most-used symbols of enlightenment today, is a perfect example of a being that continues to rise each day despite having to travel through the muddy bottoms of the waterways it calls home. It makes this journey without a single stain to show for it on its glorious petals, prompting the great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to title his book on the art of transforming suffering to mindfulness No Mud No Lotus. One of my favorite mantras.

Think of my Lotus Lights as benevolent vibrations of loving-kindness leading your way along the path to spiritual awakening. It's as if I'm giving you your own personal Tinkerbell, showering you with the miraculous Divine dust that you've had at your disposal all along but forgotten about.

One of my goals in writing I AM GOOD ENOUGH is to build a community where spiritually-awakened or awakening beings can connect and spread unconditional love around the world. To begin this endeavor, I'm introducing a wonderful and beautifully designed collection of memes featuring my favorite quotes from the book. These are the words I channeled from my spirit to yours, filling each of us with love and light.

I'll post the Lotus Lights here in DDScottville as well as on my DDScottville Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages two to three times per week. Feel free to share them anyway you'd like to.

Let's see how far we can spread our spiritually-awakening hearts and minds...

Namaste --- D. D.