Thursday, October 22, 2015

D. D. Scott's First Self-Help Spiritual Book - I AM GOOD ENOUGH - is Here!

What if you don’t have to escape into the pages of a novel to find your very own happily-ever-after?

What if there are miracles of happily-ever-after waiting for each of us and all we have to do is know where to find them?

And better yet, what if we don’t have to find them? What if we already have everything we need inside of us?

I'm so full of gratitude to be able to share with you this morning that my first self-help spiritual book is now available on Amazon.

As an Amazon Top 100 and International Bestselling Author, I’ve topped bestselling book lists with over thirty contemporary romances, humorous mysteries and on-writing books. Almost one million copies of my books have been downloaded.

But how do these accomplishments qualify me to write books on spiritual awakening?

It’s okay to wonder that. I pondered the same thing—for months!

What I discovered was that throughout my publishing career, I’ve written stories filled with love and laughter, the basic ingredients of the genres I excelled in. But what I hadn’t figured out, until my own spiritual awakening adventure began was that my life purpose was to leave fiction behind for awhile and to explore love and laughter as it applies to our very-real, everyday lives.

I asked myself, “What if I could find a way to give people a happily-ever-after in their own lives instead of providing them with a few hours of escape into the fictional worlds I create?”

This is the perfect moment to share one of the first spiritual secrets I learned...

To spiritually awaken, there’s no need to look outside of yourself. You’ve already got everything you need inside your heart and soul. You simply have to remember it’s there and tap into it.

I didn’t come to this realization on my own. I’ve had amazing teachers along my path. My journey to spiritual awakening has unfolded one book, one guru at-a-time. And that’s exactly what I’m presenting to you. In I Am Good Enough, the first book in my Let Love Glow series, I’m sharing my path to spiritual awakening one book and one guru at-a-time.

Every single time I’ve been looking for a certain piece of information, it has appeared, presented in many cases by modern spiritual teachers living according to the lessons taught by ancient, ultra-wise gurus who walked the earth centuries before us.

Most of what I’m sharing with you is not new information, it’s wholehearted approaches to life that have been practiced successfully for thousands and thousands of years across all cultures, continents and cosmic realms.

It’s all about living from Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude so that you can Create the Space for Miracles and Sweet Synchronicities to occur in your life on a daily basis.

I’ve been creating space for you to travel this path with me, perhaps for my entire life. But it wasn’t until I knew, without a doubt that, I am good enough that I found the courage to lead and teach others how to awaken. By writing this book, I’m giving you a way home to Love.

Happy Reading and Namaste ---

D. D. Scott

***And thank you to all of you who've already purchased the book. Because of your love, support and enthusiasm, less than 24 hours since its release, I AM GOOD ENOUGH is ready to break into Amazon's Top 100 Bestselling Self-Help Spiritual Books. <3 <3 <3

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