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Sneak Peek at the Introduction of D. D. Scott's Upcoming New Age Spiritual Book - I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required)

Happy Monday DDScottville Peeps!

Every day is a Soul-full Day in DDScottville!

I'm hard at work on my upcoming release, my first New Age Spiritual Book.

I AM GOOD ENOUGH: One Non-Guru's Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required) will release in both ebook and print the end of August.

Last week, I treated you to a Sneak Peek at the Preface for the book. And this week, I'll share the Introduction with you, continuing to give you little peeks each week until release day.



The Non-Guru’s Path to Spiritual Awakening (No Trip to India Required)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” — Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step toward spiritual awakening.

You can see the path before us. But very soon, you’ll also be able to feel it as it moves you to take actions that bring more love into your life and actions that move more love out of your heart and soul and into the world. Not long after you feel the path we’re travelling, you’ll also know, without a doubt, that you’re on your path home to Heaven’s living room.

This book is filled with words from my heart, not just from my head. Words and ideas that I’ve put together to explain my experiences throughout my spiritual awakening journey. I’ll also be quoting from my teachers the words they’ve shared that have gone straight from their hearts and souls into mine and now from mine into yours.

Visualize these messages coming to you on that glowing white cord connecting me to you, the same cord that connects me to the sources of ancient and modern wisdom we’re tapping into. A cord vibrating with so much love that we can Let Love Glow together, increasing the strength of our connection as well as allowing others to see, feel and know that we’re here for them to connect to as well.

As you read this book, see and feel my heart opening to you, pouring out light and love. The glow and warmth of universal unconditional love forming a Glinda the Good Witch-like protective bubble as you walk the path to spiritual awakening.

Along the way, I’ll be sending you extra lights of guidance that I call Lotus Lights. These Lotus Lights will help you continue to rise out of the dark mud of your ego. (The outer physical world uses our egos to try to hold us back and prevent our progress. Much more on this later.) I call them Lotus Lights because the lotus, one of the most-used symbols of enlightenment today, is a perfect example of a being that continues to rise each day despite having to travel through the muddy bottoms of the waterways it calls home. And it makes this journey without a single stain to show for it on its glorious petals, prompting the great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to title his book on the art of transforming suffering to mindfulness No Mud No Lotus. One of my favorite mantras.

Think of my Lotus Lights as benevolent vibrations of loving-kindness leading your way along the path. It’s as if I’ve given you your own personal Tinkerbell showering you with the miraculous Divine dust that you’ve had at your disposal all along but forgotten about.

Take note of how you feel as you’re reading and walking the path with me. Both the positive and negative stirrings. Everything you see and feel on the path is important in your awakening process. Unlike your current lifestyle, which I’m certain is a lot like mine used to be, you’re no longer going to go around, repress or suppress the bad stuff. We’re going to walk right through it like we do the good stuff.

There will be many bridges along our path, helping us cross what could be troubled waters. You may need to slow down and take your time at these points so that you can truly move through and beyond them. You may even want to reread these sections at a later time, or maybe even reread the entire book, letting it guide you wherever you find yourself in each particular moment.

The spiritual journey isn’t one that you say ‘Been there, done that,’ bought the T-shirt and I’m over it. It’s one that you continuously revisit, remembering all of the little tricks, tips and tools so that you can reuse them as you need to.

On the path, you’ll find answers to many of the spiritual questions you’ve been seeking answers to. I know this because I’ve written the book based on many of the questions I’ve stumbled on while awakening, learning through my studies that most humans get tripped up over the same questions.

If journaling is your thing, do it. If it’s not, you may find that it becomes great exercise for your soul. One day, for example, while reading one of the books I’d suggested for him, my sweet DH (Darling Husband) asked me if I had an extra purple pen and journal. He suddenly felt like he needed to write down some of things he was learning and explore them further. He’s been journaling ever since.

This entire book, in fact, came from my last three journals. I’m sharing the words, techniques and concepts that captivated me in my studies and turned into valuable tools that I’m using every day to keep me moving along my spiritual awakening path.

As I mentioned earlier, spiritual awakening is a dynamic journey, not a static one, meaning that you’ll continue to advance each and every day. The interesting thing I’ve learned though is that you’re advancing while you’re moving forward as well as advancing while you’re taking a step back, the times you need to reevaluate or look at something a little closer. You’ll also advance when your body isn’t moving at all, in the sweet stillness of meditation, for example. Precious moments when your breath, your beating heart and your silent mind help you find the mystical rhythms that will take you even closer to God.

Our path is a winding one with small and large hills, leisurely valleys, lots of tranquil waters as well as a few rough seas and storms. But I promise you there is also lots of sunshine and rainbows.

The secret is to keep moving, one step at-a-time.

• • •

I’ve arranged I AM GOOD ENOUGH (I-AGE from now on) into four sections, each one filled with stories of the events in my life that made me believe I wasn’t good enough, blocking me from spiritually awakening for the first 43 years of my life.

Many of these stories I’ve never talked about, let alone written about for the world to see. These are the troubled waters I’ve had to build bridges to cross. And I can tell you now, though I would have said that that was total BS a year ago, it’s so worth the struggle to get to the other side.

I’ll show you how the concepts and themes of each spiritual/new age book I’ve read or lifestyle change I’ve made, based on ancient wisdoms and philosophies, has helped me to not only heal from my past but has allowed me to experience the methods on a very personal level. (Note: I’ve included a wonderful I-AGE Book List for you in the Appendix, listing every single book I refer to throughout I AM GOOD ENOUGH as well as the order in which I read them, so that you’ll have the wonderful synchronistic blend of miracles with each page you read as did I.)

I simply wasn’t spiritually awake enough at the time many of the events occurred to know what God was teaching me and how those challenges or failures were the points that would ultimately make my life richer and more luminous, more filled with Spirit.

Each of the four sections show the means by which I’ve been able to reprogram my thoughts and thus my life from scarcity to abundance, from stressed-out and pain-filled to a being who’s lighthearted, wise and humble.

My midlife has been the call to my soul, allowing me to grow old with grace and joy. How perfect that the acronym for I Am Good Enough is I-AGE. Because of my spiritual awakening, I’m aging with an abundance I never dreamed I’d achieve. For the first time, I’m creating space for miracles and watching them arrive daily. And I’m living my life purpose, another super-sweet miracle.

The four sections of I-AGE are:

Part I: A Spiritual Sabbatical — One Book One Guru At-a-Time
Think of Part I as the Visitors’ Center where you find huge racks filled with brochures of all that’s available to explore on the path to spiritual awakening. In our case, the brochures are books, each with various philosophies you can choose to learn and try out while you’re travelling the path of enlightenment. You’ll be able to choose the books that touch your heart and soul. You’ll learn what spiritual awakening is and how it affects every aspect of your life — your home, work, health, diet and exercise, extracurricular activities, relationships and more. There’s a spiritual solution to all of your I-AGE crises, and you’ll have the resources to choose what that solution is.

Part II: The Seeds of Spiritual Awakening
Part of the reason we suffer from so many I-AGE crises is because we’re not living our lives like a palm tree. Palm trees survive hurricane winds because their roots are so deep. They grow deep roots long before they grow tall and reach for Heaven. To spiritually awaken, we have to allow our roots to grow before we can connect with our Higher Self. To do this, you have to know the spiritual seeds to plant that, with loving-kind watering and care, will grow deep roots and then grow tall, blossoming as your personal truth, your authentic self. Accept, embrace and love your own unique vibrations. That’s how you become strong enough (and rooted deep enough) that you can begin to resonate with others at their highest vibrations. Using your seeds, you’ll learn to discover, live and grow as your Authentic and Highest Self.

Part III: The Expansion Exchange
To continue to live as your Authentic Self and begin to put together your own personal path to continued spiritual awakening, combining all you’ve learned in Parts I and II, you’ve got to build your own internal expansion exchange. Think of it as a store or exchange shop where you’ll be offered a variety of choices on how to live your daily life. It’s up to you what you choose and what you exchange for a higher, whole-hearted way of living. Here’s where I offer you my tips on how to choose love over fear, how to expand and open your heart instead of constricting it based on fears, real or imagined and how to forgive rather than hold grudges. You have a choice in each situation on your path. You just have to remember that and apply the most expansive, love-filled choice.

Part IV: Let Love Glow
Now that you know we’re naturally made to choose love, you know how to plant the seeds on your path, grow the roots deep, and pick and choose the most loving-kind blooms along the way, what do your choices mean to you and how do they affect all other beings in the universe and beyond? These final chapters offer even more tips on how to live an inspired life. Inspired means In-Spirit. Now that you’ve tapped into your Spirit, you can Let Love Glow and help others raise their vibrations and walk with us on the spiritually-awakened path.

A couple of additional notes before we take off on our journey...


My path to spiritual awakening is a holistic approach to enlightenment. What do I mean by that? I’ve learned that by taking a whole body, whole mind and whole spirit approach, the path opens up quicker, allowing the bridges built across troubled waters to be constructed with more ease. Not only are solutions found more easily by looking holistically at all crises, but also the solutions you find can be counted on for the long haul instead of acting as mere band aids to problems.

The ancient wisdom of the East has always approached life holistically, meaning, for example, if one has a disease or illness, it’s not just about what part of their body the symptoms are coming from. It’s about the food that’s going or not going into the body. It’s about what kinds of pressures, stresses, life changes and situations are going on at home. It’s about the impact of a job or daily activities. It’s about the quality of the relationships in the person’s life. It’s about his or her spiritual needs and desires and whether or not those are being met. It’s about community concerns and world issues. All of these things, not just the broken body part, are examined, and the remedies used involve many if not all of these areas of the person’s life.

Remember, my path to spiritual awakening began with one single yoga class. On the first day of class, my instructor gave us the definition of yoga. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for union. The union of the mind, body and spirit for all over well-being. It’s not about all of the poses (asanas), the special breathing (pranayama), meditation practices and hot yoga pants. It’s about the union of all of the parts of our human existence to attempt to heal and live joyfully as whole, dis-ease free beings, connected by love to the Universal One, God-Consciousness.

Here in the West, any physical problem we have tends to be isolated from the rest of our being, and then either cut out, pharmaceutically suppressed or repressed, a combination of both or ignored. Any psychological issues we have tend to be talked about and talked about and talked about on some high-dollar therapist’s couch or suppressed or repressed pharmaceutically. Any spiritual crisis we have tends to result in us being told we need to go to church more often, increase our tithing or join in a certain group’s methods which are sure to save us from hell.

Personally, the band aid approach of the West is not my thing. I want to learn every possible thing I can about everything going on in my life, and I want to then use all of that information to heal in total from the inside out. I want to become the whole-hearted, perfectly healthy soul I was when I first came back to Earth for another run.

I love how the great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda explained it in 1925 when he founded Self-Realization (A Magazine Devoted to Healing of Body, Mind, and Soul). Yogananda wrote that the purpose of Self-Realization was:

Healing the body of disease by proper diet, right living, and recharging the body with God’s all-powerful cosmic energy; removing inharmonies and inefficiency from the mind by concentration, constructive thinking, and cheerfulness; and freeing the ever perfect soul from the bonds of spiritual ignorance by meditation.


When I’m writing fiction, one of the tools I use is called multi-pass editing. What that means is that in order to continue going deeper into my story and into my characters’ heads, I take multiple passes through the pages I’ve written, continuing to flesh out the story by adding new things and taking out those things that are no longer working or are no longer true.

In this same way, you must be willing to get inside your body, mind, heart and soul/spirit and go multi-pass deep. It’s okay if on the first pass through the book you don’t get the material and perhaps don’t feel it at a soul level. Go for a second pass. A third. A fourth. However many passes you need. No one is keeping track or using a stopwatch to time your journey (more on my lack of love for stopwatches in the first chapter).


My path and this book are not based on any one spiritual path. In fact, you’ll see that I reference a diverse selection of cultures and philosophies.

Being spiritually awake is recognizing at a soul level that we are all one. We are not separate. We are one source of love and light manifesting in a variety of material bodies and in various incarnations.

I’m not showing you the only path to spiritual awakening. I’m showing you my path — the blend that it is after learning from others who’ve had their own paths. Like you will create your own path, taking bits and pieces from mine and any others that resonate with you.
My sincerest intention and hope is that my path helps you remember your way home.

This is not about religions. This is about a connection via our spirits and hearts and the temples we each were born with inside of us.
I do use the term God as my choice of name for the Great Creator, the magnificent, all-encompassing one-ness that is inside all of us, the Source of universal unconditional love that provides the vibrations of loving-kindness connecting us all. If you call this presence Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna or any other name, you’re welcome here.

I honor each of you and your paths. I honor you in the spirit of the ancient greeting ‘Namaste’ — the highest in me honors the highest in you.

All paths are honored here.


Hugs and Love ---

D. D. Scott


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    1. So thrilled that you're finding it interesting, Jaw! It's truly the book of my heart and soul.

    2. So thrilled that you're finding it interesting, Jaw! It's truly the book of my heart and soul.