Monday, February 2, 2015

Let Love Glow - A Brand New DDScottville Community is Coming Soon!!!

Waving atchya, DDScottville Peeps!!!

Here we are, already one month into a brand new year. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? I've now been writing bestselling books full of heart and loads of humor too for over fifteen years. (I'm shaking my head typing this, having no idea where the time has gone.)

Over the years, I've found a very sweet success, thanks to you (all of my amazing readers). And, I'm so very, very grateful.

Along the way, I've also grown stronger than I ever imagined possible, because of and despite the often painful lessons of the publishing industry. This is a tough, tough business, where industry "professionals" seem to enjoy ripping apart the creative work and spirit of writers/authors. Loving-kindness is often in short supply. And ego is all-too-often large and in charge.

What's kept me in the game for going on two decades is first the passion I have for creating and writing stories that treat you (my readers) to a wonderful escape from everyday life and all of its heartache and hardships. Second, it's my passion for love in general, the idea that each of us can have our very own happily-ever-after, whatever that looks like in our hearts.

The interesting thing is that not until this last year, thanks to the amazing spiritual journey I've been on, a journey that I didn't even know I wanted to be on or needed to be on to begin to find my life purpose, have I realized that maybe it's not about helping people escape into a fictional world that is all-things love and laughter. Maybe, what I can do is help each of us live our everyday lives filled with love, kindness, inspiration, joy, abundance and passion.

I've connected with amazing people, wonderful groups of people, from around the world who I'm so grateful to be able to share with you. They're doing exciting things, leading and/or participating in fantastic projects, working hard to make this world a loving-kind and healthy place to live (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

What if...

What if...I could create a wonderfully inspiring, multi-media, international community full of the love and laughter that I used to only find in the fictional worlds I created? What if I could create an environment in which we could all Let Love Glow each and every day, in each and every moment? And yes, I'll be writing a bunch of non-fiction books about my journey and adventures, sharing all of the how-to's that have helped me look within and live from my heart.

I'm not asking "What if's" in my life anymore. I'm manifesting my intentions to make the world a more loving place and then letting go to see what happens. In that spirit, I'm over the moon to introduce...

Let Love Glow

I can't wait to share the love with you!

Can you even imagine what it would be like to only share terrifically positive and loving news and information each day? I can! And I'm going to give it a whirl!!!

Stay-tuned for #LetLoveGlow

We've got so much love to share!!!

Let Love Glow --- DD Scott

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