Thursday, November 13, 2014

D. D. Scott's Favorite Vegetarian and/or Vegan Recipes: The BLTA

Wavin' atchya, DDScottville Peeps!!!

I'm very excited about my new favorite sandwich - THE BLTA (Baked Tofu, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado) :)

I discovered this little gem in last month's Yoga Journal and wow is it super-tasty!!!


2 slices of your favorite bread (I like Whole Foods fresh-baked Italian, and I toast it)

Sliced Tomatoes

Sliced Avocado


Baked Tofu (I like the Savory-flavored Wildwood Organic, and I slice it very, very thin)

***I also add Vegenaise and a slice of Go Veggie's Vegan Swiss Cheese***

This is just a totally fabulous sandwich. In fact, just writing about it, makes me want to make one. I think I'll have one for lunch!!!

Bon Appetit --- DD

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