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My Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) Journey Includes Warm Lemon Water and Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Life

Wavin' atchya, DDScottville Peeps!

DDScottville is so much more than writing books for all of you and hitting bestseller lists around the globe. It's about enjoying each others' company each and every day and sharing the journeys we call life. It's about loving each other, being kind and sharing our hearts and lots of laughter, too. It's about doing everything that we can to smooth the potholes for each other.

In that DDScottville spirit, what a total joy it is to kick-off my new blog series about my personal, Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) journey. I'm looking forward to sharing everything I've learned with you and can't wait to gather up and share your tips and resources, too!

I call myself a Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) because although it's been almost eight weeks now since I've had any kind of meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish), I still have cheese every once in awhile and a few eggs here and there, which makes me a Vegetarian for sure, but not quite a Vegan (who consumes no animal products, at all). The little bit of cheese I have is made from cows who enjoy green pastures and who are also not subject to growth hormones. The eggs I consume are from free-range, cage-free chickens who again, are not given any kind of growth hormones. That said, I'm going to continue to ween myself away from dairy and eggs, slowly but surely.

As I said in my last post, I did not wake up one day and decide to become a Vegetarian (Almost Vegan).

I came to that conclusion after battling the intense pain of Crohn's Disease for close to two years. I did a ton of research on how I could begin to heal my condition naturally, without the knives so quickly brandished by Western Medicine doctors and/or the pharmaceutical cocktails they're so eager to get you addicted to.

What I discovered after months of research was that, in large part, "We Are What We Eat." And yes, I know that these days that's almost cliche, but it's sooo true.

Unlike Western Medicine, where a medical student is lucky to get just a few hours of nutrition and natural/herbal healing instruction, all Eastern Medicine philosophies are based in a big way on everything that one puts into his or her body. It just makes good common sense that this should be the case. Break down the word disease, and you've got DIS-EASE, meaning for some reason and in some way, what you're doing to your body or putting into your body is causing discomfort.

I took a good look at what I was eating. To be truthful, I've never been a huge meat eater. For example, I very rarely ever ate beef. The idea of it just disgusts me. And growing up in the Midwestern USA, in a town with a huge Tyson plant, I'd seen way too many trucks filled with hogs on their way to slaughter to enjoy pork. But that said, for some reason I still don't understand, I convinced myself that chicken was healthy and that perhaps they didn't suffer as much when being slaughtered. And what was I hurting eating fish? The ocean is full of 'em, right?

So...then I read several books and websites, and I honestly can't remember which one it was but the idea proposed was something along these lines:

Every animal you consume, even if they're raised in a wonderfully organic, non-chemically-treated way, have one very bad day.

And that was it for me. That single line took me straight into the Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) world.

I've always been a total farmers market, farm-to-table kinda gal, but now I'm working on living a complete plant-based life, and feeling so darn good because of it!!!

I've never felt better in my life!!! For the first time in almost two years, I've gone thirty days with only a few hours of pain in my abdomen, and even those spells were nothing like what I used to struggle through. I can't wait to see if eventually, perhaps after I make the transition to Vegan, the pain will disappear completely.

Here's one of the books that's really helped me by the wonderful Alicia Silverstone:

On Amazon

***And OMG are her recipes delicious!!! One of my faves in the book is the Rustic Pasta. Oh, but I love the Tomatoes, Lemon and Rice dish, too. And then there are the Chocolate Chip Rice Treats. You get the idea. LOL! Alicia also has a blog and community that I adore - The Kind Life

Another fantastic remedy that's really working to help me get rid of all the nasty stuff (toxins) in my intestines from my former diet and the effects of Crohn's is to drink a warm glass of lemon water first thing each morning.

Here's all of the scoop on that major miracle cure:

16 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

***Again, I am NOT a doctor, nor am I certified or trained in any sort of medical or healing arts, holistic or otherwise. I am simply sharing with you what works for me and inviting you to do the same here in DDScottville.

How many of you are Vegetarians and/or Vegan?

What fabulous information can you share with us about your journey?

The Best of Mindful Living ---

D. D. Scott
International Bestselling Author and a Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) Yogi

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