Saturday, July 19, 2014

DDScottville has a New Look and New Content: Think Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes, Remedies and Wisdom, Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Living and For The Dogs, Too!!!

To kick-off my 4th Anniversary as an International Bestselling Author, I wanted to treat all of you amazing DDScottville Peeps to a brand new look for our wonderful community as well as terrific new content celebrating what it means to be part of DDScottville.

My success is due to the love and support that each of you have shown me over the years. For me, it's not just about selling books. The stories I write showcase my love of laughter, and my choice to live a life full of love and gratitude and many happily-ever-afters. Each book I create is my way of sharing that kind of positive energy with you.

In all of my online homes - whether it's here in DDScottville or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or Goodreads, I share my core values. My goal to live a kind life. Green-living. My love of the seas and their beaches. Humor and laughter. Organic, farm-to-table food. Yoga and Meditation. Canine love. Great Books. Bitchy Signs. Coffee, Tea and Teeccino. Lots of wine. And more pamper-yourself-silly adventures.

The contribution I want to make to the world we share is to create a fabulous community filled with love and laughter. I hope to help each of us go to sleep every night with a smile on our face and in our heart.

With that in mind, I'm thrilled to announce that I've created three fabulous new pages here in DDScottville:

Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes, Remedies and Wisdom

Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Living

For The Dogs

Take a peek at each one to see what kinds of fabulous new things will be coming to DDScottville.

***Note: I've also updated each of the other regular pages on the site. For example, you've now got a D. D. Scott Book List with all of my books in order, in case, like me, you like to read a series from book one to the end. Heck, with 30 books out now, I needed the list, too, just to keep track of all of them. LOL!!!

I'll be blogging about my journey as well as featuring excellent guests who are experts in each of these areas.

And please, let me know in your comments below what kinds of information in these fields you're interested in learning more about.

Cheers Hugs and Love and Happy Anniversary, DDScottville Peeps!!! --- D. D. Scott

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