Monday, October 7, 2013

Full-Time RVing is Priceless, According to The DH (Darling Husband) - Part One

Wavin' atchya, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps, Fellow RVers and Magickal Folks!!!

As many of you know, I write books full of LOL humor and a bunch of heart...but, if you want LMAO humor, that's my DH (Darling Husband) department, and he's totally full of it!!!

Lately, he's been doing a series of hilarious Facebook Posts about our Full-time RVing experiences. So many people have let me know that they're getting such a kick out of them that I decided to start a monthly blog series featuring a few of his "priceless" observations.

So, here we go...

Full-time RVing is Priceless (Part One)
by D. D.'s DH

Thursday night southern food and live music: $18.00

Repairing the RV screen door: $2.79

New Wild Horse Saloon tee shirt: $27.00

Living in a 10' x 34' box with two dogs that have diarrhea: priceless

Living the RV dream!!!

Hitting the curb with your RV steps: $900.00

Filling up with gas: $185.00

Discovering the bedroom A/C is busted: Ugh!

Discovering the microwave doesn't work: Double ugh!!

Living the RV life: priceless

Having your Tow Package and Auxiliary Braking System Installed: $4,000.00

Discovering that your Toad's driver's side floor is filled with water following the last big rain: WTF?!

Discovering that's the case because the RV Shop that installed the Tow Package and Auxiliary Braking System didn't know what the hell they were doing and failed to seal the boot/grommet they ran the wiring through: Double WTF?! Priceless!!!

Living in a 10' X 34' Box with D. D.: Priceless

Is the guy LMAO funny or what, Peeps?! :-)

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville Wishes --- D. D. and The DH