Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Full-time RV-ing Tips: 5-Star RV Resort Parks (Nashville Country RV Park)

Wavin' atchya, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps and Fellow RV-ers!!!

Well...we're about three weeks into our Full-time RV-ing Adventure and what an amazing journey it's been!!!

***Note: Got side-tracked a wee bit during week two as The DH (Darling Husband) ended up having emergency surgery (kidney stone extractions for two stones that were stuck - one in the kidney and one in the ureter). OUCH!!! Which reminds me, thank goodness for great health insurance when you're on the road like this!

Anyhoo...he's much better now, so I'm back to blogging about what all we've learned, the amazing and talented people we're meeting along the way and the fantabulous must-see spots we're enjoying.

Today, I'm giving a well-deserved shout-out to one heckuva fantastic, family-owned and operated RV Resort fact, it's the 2011-2012 National ARVC Small Park of the Year as well as the 2011-2012 Tennessee ARVC Campground on the Year...

Nashville Country RV Park

Not only is the Zaborowski Family a group of wonderful people, they treat their guests like family, and they treat their park with the utmost care. (***The park is also the recipient of the 2011 Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award.)

Talk about the Kings and Queens of "Green" -

They collect rain water in barrels for all kinds of uses, they've built their swimming pool as the first infrared pool in Tennessee (meaning it relies primarily on infrared technology and requires fewer chemical additives), and they've planted 30+ species of trees on the property.

Talk about fun...they've got that too!!!

Every Thursday night is Dinner and Music.

Dinner is fixed by one of the fab local Meat N Three Diners (like Star Cafe - which has the best fried chicken in the south - or the Countryside Cafe - which has catfish and bbq pulled-pork that is beyond yummy).

Music is booked by the park and includes some of today's best up and coming singer/songwriters. (Check out Adam Pope and Paul Hill - both super-talented.)

And here's the kicker...the event (which runs from 6PM-9PM) is just $9 per person!!! :-)

Talk about clean...

Not only is the entire park beautiful and well-maintained, the bathhouses and laundry facilities are spotless!!!

Talk about a great place to hook-up with family and friends along the way...

The park has four cabins which can be rented.

Talk about pet-friendly...

The Zaborowski's have created a wonderful environment for dogs, and two of the granddaughters offer dog walking services as well.

And let's talk location, location, location...

Nashville Country RV Park is in Goodlettsville, which is just about 12 miles north of downtown Nashville. You're tucked into a tiny valley, surrounded by the gorgeous Tennessee Hills.

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps: Tell us about a few of your fave RV Resort Parks...

The Best of RV-ing Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Full-time RV-ing Tips: First Week Lessons

Wavin' atchya, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps!!!

The DH (Darling Husband) and I are one week into our Full-time RV-ing adventure and are we ever having a've already learned a bunch too!

Here are a few of the things we've learned during our first week...

1. Plan on it taking the afternoon you pull into your resort park as well as a good portion of the following day to get set-up (especially, if you're newbies).

***And by set-up, I mean checking off the following To Do's: Hooking-up to electric, water and sewer, Leveling, Stabilizing, Getting your awning out and your patio all set-up, Getting groceries in, Setting-up your computers and satellite system, Unpacking all of your breakables, Getting out your appliances, etc.

2. Make sure you are arriving at your resort park no later than mid-afternoon.

***We've seen huge rigs pull in at night, and it's beyond tough to see well enough with just headlights and flashlights to drive into your spot and hook-up. It tends to create a ton of cussing and costly bang-ups.

3. Do NOT plug your fresh water hook-up into your black water tank.

***Our first night, the poor guy next to us did this by accident and flooded his rig not just once, but twice, because it took 'em two cycles to figure out why all the water was gushing out of their toilet and flooding their RV. They opened the door and water just poured out of their rig...OOPS!!!

4. Don't be too hard on yourself if you: (a) forget to put down your antenna, (b) forget to pull in your awning, or (c) hit something in the park with your RV and/or toad.

***It appears, most RVers will tell you...been there...done that. OOPS!!!

5. Expect that things will work one day or part of the day and all at once, they won't! And to fix them, it appears to cost in increments of $300 or $1,000.

***So far: one out of two of our air conditioners isn't working, our microwave quit working (but we adjusted the plug-in prongs and now it's fine), our Tailgater satellite system (brand new, just out of the box) was a lemon and the replacement should arrive tomorrow, some of our electric outlets need to be checked because they need to be reset a bunch (which is just weird).

6. Speaking of the Tailgater Satellite Bundle...

a. Have a couple of bottles of wine available before you begin the initial set-up.

b. If you do NOT have a DISH system at your brick-and-mortar home and can do the initial set-up there, you will have to take your brand new receiver to a local DISH dealer for programming (which is around a $100...but DISH will credit your first bill, if you get very direct with them that this is total bullshit) - the local dealers, even with a work order from DISH, will not do it at no charge to you up front because they have a hard time getting paid by DISH...nice, right?

c. Many of the Tailgater satellites themselves are defective (that's coming straight from the tech guys I spent over 8 hours with on the phone over the course of 3 days). BUT...if you got the bundle from Amazon, do NOT send the satellite back to Tailgater at your cost of $35 like the techs tell you to do...just have Amazon send you a new one, and return the lemon to them (at no cost to you). Plus, Amazon did it in two days, whereas Tailgater said to plan on 10+ days.

7. A Convection Oven is the absolute best purchase you can make!!!

***We're doing everything from toast in there to our dinners. Haven't even turned the regular oven or microwave on yet (course, the microwave wasn't working for awhile...but get the picture...LOL!

8. The steps to get in and out of your RV operate on a magnet system and a fuse, the latter of which makes sure that when your start your engine, the steps will NOT come out while you're driving. If your magnets are not placed correctly, and your fuse is bad...your steps WILL come out while you're driving...which costs about $1,000 (to replace the steps that were just mangled by a curb)...just sayin'... :-)

9. Plan on going to the grocery about every 4 days.

***That's how much food we can fit in the frig/freezer.

10. Learn from your fellow RVers...both what to do and what not to do.

***Bonus Tip: Nothin' beats that first night when you can sit back in your new comfy patio chairs, look at the moon and stars, and listen to the night songs of all Mother Nature's creatures.

Okay, Peeps...those are the lessons we've learned during our first seven days as Full-time RVers.

What kinds of things can y'all add to our list?

The Best of RVing Wishes --- D. D. Scott