Sunday, July 28, 2013

Full-time RV-ing Tricks and Tips: Full-time RV-ing Resources

Wavin' atchya, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps!

Many of you emailed or messaged me - after I announced that The DH (Darling Husband) and I are about to become Full-time RV-ers - and asked how you can learn about the Full-time RV-ing Lifestyle.

Thanks so much for your interest, and here are some fabulous places to begin:

1. I read a terrific ebook by a Full-time RV-ing couple that I'm thrilled to now be getting to know.

John and Kathy Huggins of Living the RV Dream wrote:

On Amazon

They also have a terrific podcast series on absolutely everything you'll want and need to know.

Cheers to you, John and Kathy, and thanks bunches! We're looking forward to meeting up with you this Winter in Florida! :-)

2. We've also joined a ton of fabulous Facebook Groups on all-things Full-time RV-ing.

A few of my personal faves are:

a. Living the RV Dream

b. RV'er's Life for Me

c. Full time RVers

d. NuRVers

e. Women Who RV

3. I've found wonderful blogs written by Full-time RV-ers.

***Note: Even if you're not planning to live this lifestyle, if you love traveling and love learning about fantastic must-see places in the USA as well as around the world, you'll want to check-out these blogs.

Also...I'll be doing blog posts through-out our journey so you can get fantabulous scoop right here in D. D. Scott-ville, beginning in late August.

Here are the blogs I'm enjoying:

1. Gypsy Journal RV (by the amazing Nick Russell, who's also a bestselling author)

2. Roads Less Traveled (by the really cool Mark and Emily Fagan)

3. Cole's Cruising (by the lovely Kimberly Cole)

Okay...this should get y'all started living and/or dreaming about the Full-time RV Lifestyle.

We're beginning to do our Maiden Voyage load-in and will hit the road in just a couple of weeks! WooHooo!!! (So hoping to meet many of you along the way! I'm keeping a list of each of u who've asked for us to make a stop in your area...and I'll have special D. D. Scott "Quack Packs" for you --- more on that soon. :-) )

Starting to figure out where all the kitchen items will fit...

Buckley and Siggy are finding their fave places to hang in The Muse (that's what we named our Winnebago).

Please let me know - in the comments below - if you have any favorite RV-ing websites, blogs and/or online groups. We can all learn from each other on this grand adventure!!!

Hugs & Luv and Happy Motoring!!! --- D. D.


  1. Looks and sounds wonderful. Hopefully I'll be able to follow yo on your cross country journey. Have a great adventure!

    1. Doesn't it though, Lorelei?! And I look forward to sharing the journey with u..."Virtually" here in D. D. Scott-ville for sure and perhaps our paths will cross out on the road too!!! Cheers!!!

  2. Wow, what an impressive line-up of books and achievements! I am honored you included our website in your list of favorites. Thank you for following us -- we will eagerly be following you too!

    1. Thanks so much, Emily, for the sweet shout-out! I just love seeing your blog pop-up in my emails and discovering what fabulous spot on the earth you've now been to and can share the scoop on! U rock!!!

  3. Hey DeeDee!! Thanks for plugging our book and podcast. We would love to meet you. Do you have an idea about your initial itinerary??

    1. Sure thing, John and Kathy! I've learned so much from you and know I will continue to! We're getting ready to listen to part two of your podcast series regarding Camping Courtesy. Great tips!!!

      We'll be heading to Nashville TN (one of our fave cities) the end of August and then arriving in Sarasota FL, beginning October 1st. I think we'll be able to meet up around Sarasota, right?

      Hugs & Luv and Thanks Bunches for all you do for the Full-time RV Lifestyle!!!

  4. One of my favorite resources especially while we were in the planning stages is Written by Howard and Linda Payne. Their website tells their travel stories as well as the background of how they did it. They also manage a forum where there are lots of friendly folks who are more than willing to share their experiences.
    For communications issues (cell service, internet, etc.) I believe Jack and Daniel Mayers website is the best you will find.
    I write a travel blog for our family and friends that you are welcomed to visit and comment on. I don't write everyday. The early posts on the blog tell of the challenges we faced as we made the transition.
    Should we cross paths on the road, it would be great to meet you.

    1. Fantastic scoop, WagginTails (aka Jerry and Carol), and thanks bunches for sharing...heading over to check-out your site and each of the others now!!!

      I so hope our paths do cross!!!

      Happy Motoring!!!

  5. Hey D.D.!
    Thanks for the great mentions of our Facebook group as well as my blog! Your the best! Our group is certainly enhanced with you on board! Your welcome at my campfire anytime - virtual or real!

    1. U betchya, Kimberly, and thanks so much for the sweet shout-out! I so hope we turn our superfab fun virtual campfires into a real one some day! U rock!!! I'm having so much fun getting to know u!!!

  6. Hi D.D.,
    I just signed up to follow you. I'm otherwise known as the RV Chef and I write the Baked Lava blog at My husband and I are full-timers, not mobile--quite stationary, and we share our 29 foot fifth wheel with 2 big dogs and 2 cats. I am a food blogger/newspaper columnist/nature photographer. We live in SW Washington state close to Mt. St. Helens. It's nice to "meet" you1

    1. Thrilled to meet you too, Laurrie! Just followed your fantastic blog too!!! Can't wait to see what all you got cookin'!!! P.S. I was the Crime Reporter for our local newspaper, which is how I met my fabulous DH (Darling Husband), who was then a Sheriff's Department Captain and the Jail Commander. He just retired after 30 years, so we're hittin' the road!!! :-)

      Looking forward to getting to know you!!!