Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Next Stuck with a Series Book (#4) - Stuck with a Slut - is Coming in June!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps!

Many of you have been asking how much longer you have to wait till my next release. And the answer is...not long at all!!!

The next Stuck with a Series Book (#4) - Stuck with a Slut - is coming in June!!!

For Stuck with a Slut...

Think Castle and Beckett, gone-country meet The Chicago Madam and The Alchemyst

In Stuck with a Slut, I'm also introducing our newest D. D. Scott-ville Peep - Phil, the magickal leopard-gecko. Phil is short for "The Philosopher," and he's making his debut in this book.

I have no idea why Phil...but he had a chat with my muses and has a bunch to say and do!!! LOL!!! He's really quite charming...and very powerful!!!

How 'bout I treat ya to a Sneak Peek at Chapter One?


Kristeena Itzler, The Chicago Madam, gives me the best “girlfriend experience” money can buy. And I’m a client who wants and pays top dollar for the GFE—Girlfriend Experience.

I don’t pay for sex, which is prostitution. In the legal world, running an escort service like Kristeena’s DDI (Dream Dates International) versus pimping is a gray area for sure, and a ton of gray at that. But since I write New York Times bestselling police procedurals and legal thrillers, and know my subject matter well, I’m confident that the way I use the service will not land me behind bars.

I grabbed my iPhone and called Kristeena.

“Nicky Blane. How are you, my friend?” Her 900-number-velvety-rich voice oozed from my speaker phone. “It’s been so long. I was beginning to worry about you, especially after hearing about that awful murder on your farm. You doing alright?”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m doing well. We were pretty shaken up, but I think things are back to normal. I’ve just been a little busy,“ I said, laughing to myself at the absurdity of the understatement.

“You’re always busy, Nicky. That’s the reason you call me in the first place. I take care of you, Darling. Speaking of which, did you receive my latest text blast about my two new girls from Brazil? They’re beautiful and sharp, Nicky. Really smart. Gorgeous and right up your alley.”

“I saw the text, but I haven’t had time to check them out yet. Tell me a little about them.”

“Sophia is a graduate student in criminology at U of I Chicago and Angelina is a PhD candidate in evolutionary biology at Northwestern.”

“Great. Thanks, K. They both sound interesting. There’s nothing I love more than hearing about new research, especially when the conversation just so happens to be with beautiful women.”

“I hear you, Nicky. And I’ll be glad to set you up. But you really should consider finding someone that you can have a much longer conversation with. As in...for a lifetime. And I say that knowing full well that if you ever come to your senses, I’ll lose one of my best customers. Not that I have any reason to worry that will happen.”

“I know. I know, K. You’re right, but I’m just not ready to throw my hat back into the ring. The last time I went all in, things didn’t turn out so well.”

Kristeena didn’t respond, meaning she probably didn’t agree with me. Funny how I always had this conversation with her (my madam) and not any of my family. But that was just how it rolled between K and I. She was a smart, tough woman, but also had a good heart and was a great friend.

“Don’t worry,” I said wanting to break the awkward silence. “I’m not giving up on the whole long-term relationship ideal. In the meantime, you’ll just have to continue to suffer through the agony of making money off of another rich man who should know better.”

“Sure, Nicky. I’ll keep crying...all the way to the bank.”

“Ever the bleeding heart, K. Very comforting.”

“That’s why you pay me the big bucks. So, Mr. Bigshot Writer, who will it be this time? Ms. Criminology or Ms. Biology?”

“I’ll take Angelina, the biologist, for $2,000, Alex,” I said, laughing at my own joke, knowing that, more than likely, I’d be the only one laughing. “She sounds perfect.”

The process of choosing an escort wasn’t too far away from Trebek’s Jeopardy. Whatever category of woman I wanted, K had an answer on one of her booking cards.

“A biology lesson is exactly what I need. Besides, all I do is think about crime at my day job. That’s the last thing I want to be talking about after I close my laptop. Is Angelina available tonight? I’ve got tickets to the CSO.”

“Excellent choice, Nicky. Angelina is also an orchestra fan. And yes, she’s available tonight.”

“Thanks, K. If you could have her at my penthouse by 5:30, that would be great.”

“No problem. Anytime, Nicky. I’ll book her then. Now, do you think that you’ll be extending her time this evening?”

Ah, the all-important “extension.” For an escort and her madam, that’s when the money really starts adding up. And, it’s a great deal for me, the client, too. Basically, I could extend my time with my date at a discounted rate.

“Nicky? An extension then?”

“Sure thing. Go ahead and mark her out for the evening,” I said, effectively making sure Angelina would be all mine till sunrise.


I never did like the idea of my date hustling off to be with someone else. I wanted quality time. And I sure paid well for it. Both in fees and tips.

“Ciao, darling.”

Kristeena hung up before I could give my return Ciao. No doubt already on the line with the next lonely multi-millionaire.

All right. My night was all set up. Dinner, stimulating conversation, a Brazilian beauty and Bach to boot.

Things were looking up.

I’ve used Kristeena’s escort service for several years. Don’t judge me. The life of a bestselling author doesn’t leave a lot of time for meeting and socializing with members of the opposite sex. Ever since my divorce, I haven’t had the desire to jump back into a serious relationship. I’m sure that will eventually change. Actually, I hope it does. But, that said, I’m not ready to take that leap anytime soon. The pain is still too raw.

Till then, escorts work out quite nicely.

And just to set the record straight, escorts are not high-priced hookers. At least not when it comes to the high-end companions Kristeena provides. Booking one of DDI’s girls doesn’t have to have anything to do with sex. Companionship doesn’t always lead to the bedroom. Not to mine, at least. Sometimes, a guy just wants a night or two out on the town with a beautiful woman.

For the sake of accuracy, my DDI dates might be for an entire weekend or a week at-a-time. When the occasion demands, I’ve hired one of Kristeena’s escorts for several days. Take the Cannes Film Festival or Sundance, for example. For those affairs, I need a companion for a week.

A DDI date is a business relationship. And when you’re paying the kind of prices I do, either $2,000 per hour for a single evening or at a discounted rate of $6,000 per day, it’s one heck of a profitable business for the escort I choose.

So that’s that. I finished off my Waterford crystal tumbler of Templeton Rye, confirmed the time for the concert then checked Kristeena’s website so I could get the scoop on my date.

In my case, checking the website is optional. As a VIP client, I don’t have to bother with going through DDI’s online booking agents or the chatty agents at Kristeena’s call center. She personally sees to it that I meet up with the very best girls her company employs.

And just in case you’re thinking that I determine what constitutes ‘the best’ simply on the basis of a woman’s looks, I’ll dispel that notion now.

Certainly, that is one of the primary elements in the selection equation for much of Kristeena’s clientele. Well, that factor as well as what services the woman offers for the money and how well she’s been ranked and reviewed for said services. But none of those are very high on my client preferences profile.

If you’re going to be spending any amount of time with another human being, beautiful or not, you’re eventually going to have to speak to one another.

Even the most gorgeous face cannot make up for the mindless drivel that some people think passes for conversation. Kristeena knows how I feel about this and sets me up with escorts who meet my expectations.

Confession though, I do browse the DDI site because it’s interesting to read the girls’ reviews from their clients. I can’t believe what guys write in a public forum regarding what happens in their bedrooms. And let’s be real, a bunch of the action they reveal happens everywhere but the bedroom. Damn, there are a lot of twisted men out there.

Even more of a reason to treat these gals like princesses. After the freaky frogs they put up with, they deserve it.

A wonderful woman on my arm is exactly what I need tonight. A simple evening, uncomplicated by emotional hang-ups, with beautiful music and the company of a woman as intelligent as she is stunning.


What do you think, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps? Are you ready for this one?

Hugs & Luv & Happy Reading --- D. D. Scott


  1. I enjoyed reading chapter one and now I am looking forward to reading more of this story. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. I'm sooo tickled to hear you enjoyed the first chapter of Stuck with a Slut! And I can't wait to share the rest with u! Thanks bunches for the sweet shout-out, Becky!!!

  2. Wow! This sure sounds interesting....can't wait to read more and to see how "Phil" comes in to the action! Thanks for the preview.

  3. Phil is just one of my all-time fave characters, Jaw! I'm over the moon that he whispered to my muses that it was time for him to debut!

    Thanks sooo much for the sweet shout-out! You're gonna luuuvvv Stuck with a Slut!

  4. I Can Hardly Contain My Self. This Is Going To Be AReally Good Read. Graham, Texas Gives A Shout Out To D D Scott.

    1. Shout-outs right backatchya, LaRessie!!!

      You won't have to wait much longer!!! LOL!!!

      Thanks sooo much for sharing your enthusiasm!!!