Monday, April 22, 2013

D. D. Scott's Magickal Mantra #7: Every Day is Earth Day!!!

Happy Monday, D. D. Scott-ville, and Happy Earth Day too!!!

Here in D. D. Scottville, however...


In fact, that's my Magickal Mantra #7.

How 'bout a fab fun, but very poignant, Bitchy Sign to kick-off the scoop?

It's a LOL funny image, but unfortunately, it's true.

As human beings we're not very good at being kind to the earth or to each other.

What we need to do to make our world a much better place, is to practice the Earth Day concepts of conserving, recycling, re-planting, respecting and loving the earth EVERY DAY, not just one day each year.

It takes each of us, lending our hands, and hearts, to these organic and human-kind efforts to protect and nurture Mother Nature's gifts.

We're all connected by the strings of life you see in the image above. We're all responsible to make sure our earth is healthier and happier in our care.

Just as we snuggle and love on each other...which we could all use more of...

We've got to show our love for the earth each and every day.

Happy Earth Day Every Day, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps! And Hugs & Luv to each of u!!!

~~~ D. D.

P.S. Please share the ways you show love for the earth and for your fellow inhabitants (human or otherwise). For example, The DH (Darling Husband) and I recycle everything we possibly can. We eat organic, adopt shelter dogs (and feed them organic food too), garden without using harmful chemicals and return everything we can to the earth so it can grow again. I also try to keep y'all LOL with all of my Bitchy and Witchy Bitchy Signs. Nothin' heals the world like laughter, hugs and luv.