Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A D. D. Scott-ville Bitchy Sign Bonanza for each new D. D. Scott Release...Beginning with THE ROYAL DIGS!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps!

You asked for it, and I delivered! Here it is...Cozy Cash Mystery #4...for just 99 Cents...


What if a Drag Queen determined the United States Presidential Election?

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For THE ROYAL DIGS - Think RuPaul as The Godfather of Wall Street

Here's another way to look at it...Bitchy Sign-style:

As I finished up my latest Cozy Cash Mystery, book four in the series, I got to thinking a lot about the social commentary elements that make up a big part of this series and my writing in general.

For example, The Royal Digs asks several story questions that have huge social impacts such as:

1. What if a Drag Queen determined the United States Presidential Election?

(discussing alternative lifestyles and the issues faced by people living those lifestyles)

2. Does it matter that we've got a Presidential Nominee who keeps a majority of his money offshore to avoid paying taxes on it?

3. Does it matter that said nominee has earned his massive wealth, thanks to the money of cartel kings - whether coffee, cocoa, casinos, cocaine and other drugs too? Cartel Kings who make their living via the death squads they employ and the people whose rights they corrupt or snuff out...

Tough questions, right? With answers that have huge effects on our lives.

I love to write these kinds of "ripped from the headlines" stories because they engage us as human beings and instantly feed on topics that are easily recognizable and emotion-packed. In other words, we, as readers, relate to them.

And in our unique Epublishing World, in which we can publish our books at a much faster rate than via Traditional Publishing, we've got our products on cyber shelves when these story themes and questions are still "hot" and very much a part of our social collective minds.

I've found that even those critics who don't like my writing style, like the peeps at Red Adept Review who have made me their 1-Star poster kid :-) , they still appreciate and are moved by the social commentary in my stories. Here's what they said:

Characters waltzed trippingly from one exotic location to another like they were on the Travel Channel, which kept the pace fast, but once they arrived at most locations, food and physical appearances and snarky, amusing comments filled the pages rather than details that furthered the plot. A notable exception was the sweatshop in Secondigliano, in Naples, where I was sobered by a few paragraphs that dealt with the plight of the poor pressed into service by the Mob.

Red Adept Reviews didn't get me as a writer for my style, but they sure related to my topics and how I presented them.

For my Cozy Cash Mysteries, I've explored the following topics:

1. Ponzi schemes (Madoff-style) - THUG GUARD

2. Fashion sweatshops in Naples (controlled by the local mobs and making many a pages in today's best fashion magazines and red carpets) - LIP GLOCK

3. The gem trade (as in blood diamonds and stones) - CARATS & COCONUTS

4. The money trail of our current Republican nominee for U. S. President - THE ROYAL DIGS

5. The real owners of Wall Street - coffee, cocoa, casino and cocaine (and other drugs too) cartels - THE ROYAL DIGS

6. Banking, hedge funds and derivative trading - THE ROYAL DIGS

I use these topics to write Ebooks that are along the lines of what Bob Mayer calls "factual fiction" in which many of the plot elements I use are factually based, but I then give 'em my own quirky-crazy fictional twists and cast of characters.

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps: How many of you enjoy reading Ebooks that include Social Commentary? Tell us about your faves...

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville Ereading Wishes --- D. D. Scott


  1. Cheers to that, my friend, and to you too!!! :-)

  2. D.D. Who designs your Cozy Cash book covers? They're wonderful!

  3. Thanks sooo very much, Meghan!!! Aren't they just a hoot?!

    The fabulous Laura Morrigan does them for me! You can check out her work here: