Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gearing Up to Take D. D. Scott-ville On The Road!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got a superfab fun announcement today!!!

With my DH (Darling Husband) getting ready to retire in the near future, we're gearing up to take D. D. Scott-ville On The Road!

What do I mean by that?



We're RVin' It!!!

The DH is planning a 17,000+ Mile trip across the US, and we'll venture into Canada too!!!

(Here we are at The Navy Pier in Chicago! Great place! :-) )

We'll have our D. D. Scott-ville Logo Girl and url scoop on each side of the RV and can't wait to pull into your neck of the woods!!!

Here's where we need your help, D. D. Scott-ville Peeps...

Where all do you think we should go?

Let us know below which states we should visit, which events are must-be-there kinds of fun and how 'bout seasons too...when is the best time to visit your state and what should we see while we're there?

We'll be planning a bunch of D. D. Scott-ville Meet-and-Greets too...so stay-tuned on where we'll be and what kinds of waaay wonderful "stuff" I'll have for ya at each stop!!!

I'll also be writing a quirky fab fun blog series on all the terrific places we stop!!!

If there's a sign that says "World's Greatest (Biggest, Smallest, Weirdest) Anything, we're there!!!

Okay, D. D. Scott-ville: Where should we go and what are must-see and do adventures?!

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville On The Road Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. We'll also be hitting several wonderful conferences and conventions like Digital Book World and Book Expo America, Killer Nashville, and many others too!!!


  1. This sounds like quite an awesome trip across the U.S. and Canada......lots of beautiful,interesting, fun places to visit.....lots of time and effort to plan your itinerary!

    1. The DH is handling the itinerary with a couple of my suggestions tossed in too, Jaw!

      We can't wait to hit the road and take all of you with us "virtually"!!!

      We're gonna have a ball!!!

  2. You just visited our Indiana Writers Group, Soul Ink,here in the heart of the beautiful fruit hills of Bristol.It was a lively session filled with great ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Thank you so much. I came away with a lot of information.

    1. Wavin' atchya, Crystal!

      I just had a ball with all of you!!! What a great group...one in which your name - Soul Ink - sooo fits you!!!

      Cheers to you, my new friend! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your books!!!