Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D. D. Scott's Muses and Music City

Wavin' atchya, D. D. Scott-ville!

I just got home from a superfab week in the place my muses always find an incredible re-charge...

Music City (Nashville TN)

Nothin' gets my Creative Divas bootscootin' like a few days in Music City!!!

Here's a Sneak Peek into the city I just can't get enough of...

We enjoy staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel...truly one of the best hotels in the country (when it comes to environment/design, service and food).

I could sit by their waterfalls (and often do) for hours:

Water is a huge gem of synergistic energy to my muses...take a look at these dancing water fountains...and wow...at night, they're even more spectacular!!!

As many of you know, I'm also a huge fan of art glass.

With the re-opening of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, following the devastating floods of 2010, they commissioned this gorgeous sculpture for their lobby...called


So there's a wee bit of the ambiance of Music City...so how 'bout the food?

Nothin' beats a good 'ole meal at one of their famous Meat n' Three Diners like

The Loveless Cafe

(where just like the name implies, you choose either 3 Meats and two-sides or a Meat and three sides)

I'll tell ya a funny story about their biscuits next week!!!

And after a great meal, there's nothin' like some great country music!!!

Whether at The Grand Ole Opry itself...where we took one of our nieces and two of our nephews to see Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley...

Or at one of my fave local venues for up and comers and big shots alike...The Stage...

***This band was great! They could play anything...and I mean anything...on request...!!! If they didn't know the words, they used their iPhones to look 'em up then played everything by ear!!!

So, there you have it...a Sneak Peek into why my muses go totally gaga in Music City!!!

From my family

To Yours...

Happy Bootscootin' with your muses in Music City Nashville TN!!!

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: What places tickle your fancy?

The Best of Bootscootin' & Music City Wishes --- D. D. Scott


  1. Thanks for sharing, D.D. it looks wonderful. I especially love the fountains! My step son lives in Nashville and is having the time of his life there. Now I have even more reason to go visit him.

    1. Definitely go visit your step son, PJ! You'll have a terrific time!!!

      It's just one of the greatest cities EVER!!!

      Cheers to you and Music City!!!

  2. That was a lovely little escape. THANK YOU!!

    1. U betchya, Pj!!!

      Nothin' beats escaping to Music City!!!

  3. Great photos, D.D.! Sounds as if ALL of you had a fabulous time!

    1. We all did just have the best time EVER, Jaw!!!

      Thanks bunches for stoppin' by D. D. Scott-ville and sharin' the Music City luuuvvv with us!!!

  4. I live outside of Nashville... lived here all my life. I love visiting other places, but it is home. I enjoy it when I hear how much people love to visit! =) Did you visit Opry Mills? I believe it re-opens this week! It has been closed for almost two years due to the floods.

    1. We visited the Cool Springs, Brentwood and Franklin parts too outside the city, Annie...are any of those close to you?

      We did drop off our niece and two of our nephews at Opry Mills on Thursday, opening day! They luuuvvved it!!!

      I couldn't get over all the footage of the flood we saw while we were there! Unbelievable!!!

      Y'all have done an A-mazing job rebuilding!!!

      Cheers to Music City and to you too, Annie!!!

    2. Very close... I live in Murfreesboro, about 22 miles SE of Nashville! The rebuilding has been amazing... and I've actually been to the Gaylord since they have reopened... we stayed during Christmas, which is a great time to visit the hotel. Hope you made it downtown too... I love it there.