Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D. D. Scott-ville Readers Asked...and D. D. Answered!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!!!

Last week, I hosted my first ever Bubble Twead with all you A-mazing D. D. Scott-ville Kindle Fire Readers!

What's a Bubble Twead?

Kindle Fire Bubble Twead with D. D. Scott

Basically, what this Kindle Fire Feature/Update allows authors to do is to have a live chat “inside a book” with all of you...our readers!!! It’s as if we’re Tweeting each other in real time right from inside our Ebook!!!

How cool is that?!

I call it Bubble Tweading (okay…the Tweading is my friend Bufo Calvin's term for it…LOL…but I added the Bubble) because you’re kinda Tweeting while you’re Ereading (there’s the Twead), and you access this feature by tapping on the Bubble icon along the Home Toolbar at the bottom of your Kindle Fire screen.

Here’s how it works:

Begin reading whatever Ebook you’d like to from your Kindle Fire. While you’re inside the book, tap on the Home Screen Bar at the bottom of the page you’re reading then tap on the Bubble icon. A screen comes up that you can comment on, and your comment is then added to the stream of comments inside that book as well as to the Kindle Community comments. You can also choose to have your comment posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The Feature even allows you to post the areas of the book you’ve highlighted and then post those on Twitter and/or Facebook too!

My first Bubble Twead with my D. D. Scott-ville Readers was this past Thursday night from 7 PM to 9 PM Central Time, and it was sooo much fun!!!

I used my first Boxed Set as the Ebook Location for the event...in other words, we all met-up inside my Boxed Set!

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And here's what we Bubble Tweaded about:

I started off the conversation with just a basic welcome to my first Bubble Twead and invited peeps to ask me anything they'd like about my books or about writing in general and also ask them which of my characters they luuuvvved...now then...just look where my readers took it from there:

D. D. Scott-ville Reader: "I really Like Aunt Tulip and Grams."

D. D. Scott-ville Reader: "I'd have to say Darling and Dipstick were among my favorites."

Reader: "Hi fellow bubble tweaders. I love this collection of books. I enjoy reading books about the south. Who doesn't like a strong woman. The mom squad are the berries! I want to be like them when I grow up! The moms say and do exactly as they please (and just what the situation calls for)."

I Answered: [Aunt Tulip and Grams] are a hoot to write and I never know what they'll do next. And indeed that Mom Squad is the berries! They crack me up even while I'm writing them!!!

Reader: "I always look forward to the next book in your series! The boxed set was an awesome idea. Will you be doing another one?"

I Answered: Another Boxed Set will be out later this year and include the first four Cozy Cash Mysteries as well as a few other surprises! Thanks for asking!!!

Reader: "Will you continue the story line and follow up letting us know what everyone is up to? When will Royal Digs be released?

I Answered: Indeed I will continue with the Cozy Cash story lines! With my ensemble cast of characters I can create all sorts of adventures! For example in Royal Digs which will release in June, u will get Quartermaster R's story.

Reader: "Darling and Dipstick were a cute pair...weren't they?"

Reader: "My adult kid wants a pig as a pet in the future." [We had gone from talking about my dog characters in the Bootscootin' Books - Dipstick and Darling - to talking about my pot-bellied pig Vinnie in the Cozy Cash Mysteries.]

I Answered: I luuuvvv my dog characters for sure! Let's see...I've had Dipstick and Darling and Studley Pete and now Vinnie the pot-bellied pig! Oh and there are the reindeer in my Cozy Cash Mystery Christmas story too! That story is now included in my latest Cozy Cash Mystery Carats and Coconuts!...I did a ton of research on pot-bellied pigs for my Vinnie and apparently they make great pets!

Reader: "Do you find that doing the research is more fun or more necessary?"

I Answered: It's both fun and necessary for my creative process! My muses thrive on what my family always teases me about...useless tidbits! LOL!!! I luuuvvv turning bizarre facts into funny scenes. For example I just learned that Jack Russell Terriers often need to be dug out of the animal burrows...they are hunting in which could make it into Cozy Cash #4 The Royal Digs!

Reader: "Westies are bred so you can pull them back out of a hole by their tails. Terriers are called terriers because they go to Earth...Terra." [Talking about my research had led me to wanting to use terriers in The Royal Digs because they often have to be pulled out of the animal burrows they're hunting in...]

I Answered: You are sooo darn smart! LUUUVVV IT!!!

Reader: "DD have you scheduled your Key West research trip? Are you researching Mel Fisher treasure hunting, locations? How do you start your research? Do you have an outline and then fill in the blanks, or just take in everything for inspiration?"

I Answered: I am doing a ton of Mel Fisher research! In fact I just watched a National Geographic video yesterday of The Atocha search! Fascinating!!!...I find some element like Fisher's Atocha Search that gets my muses dancing then find something quirky fun to put with it! This time it's Sushi as in the famous New Year's Eve Drag Queen!...And yes...a Key West trip is in the works too!...I do outline just a tad...about a sentence for each chapter. Kind of a then this happens then this sort of thing.

Reader: "Our terrier, Klein (get it?) is digging in the couch cushions right now...does that count? :)"

I Answered: Calvin Klein...luuuvvv it! LOL!

Reader: "Oh no I forgot it was 7 p.m. Central time. Is anybody still here?"

Reader: "I wanted to ask if you based your characters on any real life people"

***Note: An example of a comment I can now go back and answer since it came in the morning following our chat. :-) ***

Reader: "This has been fun! Good night all. Sweet dreams and good reading."

I Answered: This has been sooo much fun, Y'All!!! Thanks bunches for joining me in my first Kindle Fire Bubble Twead! We'll definitely have to make these a regular D. D. Scott-ville Event!!! Have a great night and thanks sooo much for the luuuvvv!!!

How superfab fun was this conversation?!

What a tremendous way to interact with many of you!!! Talk about great questions and waaay fun topics and turns, right?!

I'll be hosting a bunch of Bubble Tweads from now on...at least a couple for each book I release, and I am sooo looking forward to this unique new opportunity to chat with you - my waaay wonderful readers - from right inside the pages of my Ebooks!

Oh...and those conversation streams stay there so I can go in at any time and check for new comments from you and respond to them as well as schedule additional live Bubble Twead meet-ups!

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Who else has Bubble Tweaded?! What questions do you have about the process? What would you like me to answer next time we Bubble Twead?

The Best of Bubble Tweading Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. No worries if you don't have a Kindle Fire...I can host these kind of Live Chats on Facebook and Twitter too!!!

P.S.S. And here's a Sneak Peek at the inspiration behind Dipstick and Darling and Vinnie too...


  1. Fun to read post and really fun to participate in your first bubble twead! Love your photos in this post!

    1. Thanks sooo much, Jaw!

      I thought y'all might get a kick out of "seeing" Dipstick and Darling and Vinnie too!

      Sooo tickled to have Bubble Tweaded with you!!!