Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sexy Sassy Smart...Snuggies and Ereading

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

For Valentine's Day, my DH got me something I've been wanting for quite a while now...

A Snuggie!!!

Yep...an "as seen on TV" Snuggie!!! LOL!!!

I've been wanting to snuggle-up in a Snuggie while I read, and now I can!!!

But wait...there's more...just like the infomercials say...

That also got me to thinking about my Reading Habits in general...well, my new Snuggie got me thinking, along with a superfab new addition to my RG2E site...

The RG2E Reader2Author Interviews

This coming Sunday, the A-mazing Alicia Street will kick-off these one-of-a-kind interviews...interviews in which authors are interviewed by YOU...our over the moon wonderful readers!!!

How cool is that?!

Another fun thing we'll be doing at The RG2E is taking in depth looks at all of our reading habits.

For example, in this new Ereading World, how have our Reading Habits changed?

Here's a Sneak Peek into my Reading Habits:

I should begin by saying that it’s literally totally Ereading for me now. I can’t tell you the last time I was in a bookstore, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I read a print book...t’s been that long ago!!!

I’ve learned that with Ereading, I now enjoy reading several books at once. It’s just sooo darn easy to click between books. I always have one non-fiction going at the same time as one each in the following fiction genres: romantic comedy, humorous mystery, thriller, and usually one of Gordon Kirkland’s humorous essay collections too.

I Eread in my fave reading chair with my Snuggie on and my Kindle in my lap and a cup of coffee, tea or a cocktail close-by. I also take my Kindle whenever I have an appointment with an expected waiting period.

I Eread for pleasure in the evenings.

I Eread for business and/or craft during the day – for example, I also read all industry blogs via my Kindle (if they’re available with a Kindle Subscription...which most are now).

I think we’re gonna learn a ton from all of you A-mazing Readers with these kind of RG2E Reader2Author Interviews, and it will be very valuable info to help us as authors better connect with YOU - our readers and fans.

See you at The RG2E this coming Sunday (February 26th)!!!

In the mean time, it's your turn, D. D. Scott-ville: How many Snuggie owners do we have in D. D. Scott-ville? And how 'bout reading habits of your own? When and Where do you read? And do you Eread, Print Read or Both? And if you Eread, which Ereader do you use?


  1. I love to read on my Kindle in my comfy leather chair. If I have an appointment (or my husband does, & I'm going along), I take my Kindle along to pass the waiting time. I don't have a "Snuggie," but it sounds awesome!

    1. Kindles are the perfect BFF for appointment waits, Jaw!

      And nothin' beats then being back home, curled up in your fave chair with your Kindle on your lap!

      Thanks for sharing!!!

      Happy Ereading!!!