Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies Winter Wonderland Edition Is Here!!!

Happy New Year, D. D. Scott-ville, and Welcome to my First Release for 2012...



Now Available for just $2.99 (for 10 short stories) on:




When just one year ago, I, along with Tonya Kappes, brainstormed The WG2E – The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing – your destination site for all-things-Epublishing, we never in our wildest, most spectacular dreams imagined we’d end up creating a site which now gets over one million hits per month and is the first visit of the day for over 2500 Indie Epublished Writers and Authors!

At The WG2E, it’s all about finding ways to Pay It Forward, both to our fellow writers and to all our superfab readers too.

We simply luuuvvv treating readers to great books for great prices and helping our fellow authors find new readers around the globe.

With this debut launch of our brand new WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies, we’re treating readers to a terrific, one-of-a-kind approach to the anthology concept.

You’ll get a variety of genres all packaged together as a wonderful way to discover authors new to you! And various story-lengths too (from 2 pages to 80 page plus novellas)

Plus, each WG2E Anthology is based on a different theme.

And as far as that goes, we’re over the moon to offer you unique perspectives on several superfab fun themes.

Here’s what we mean by that...

In our WG2E Winter Wonderland Anthology, we’re treating you to stories that yes, have a Winter Wonderland element, BUT definitely not in the average way.

You’ll never think of Winter Wonderland in quite the same way.

For example...:

“What’s goin’ on underneath all that snow?” for D. D. Scott’s A CUT ABOVE CRAZY

“More than people wear goose down parkas in Winter” for Tonya Kappes' BEAD OF DOUBT

“There’s nothing like a sauna to thaw a cold spell” for Talli Roland’s MISTLETOE AND THE FIVE-YEAR ITCH

“An Ice Queen can be much more than a very cold spouse” for Tamara Ward’s JADE O’REILLY AND THE ICE QUEEN

“The flavors of Winter...as in Winter Green Mint, Anyone?” for Sibel Hodge’s THE S-WORD AND THE LADY GARDEN

“Not only reindeer dance in the snow...unicorns do too” for Alicia Street’s SNOW DANCE

“Breaking News: The All-Things Holidays Edition” for Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael’s NOTHING IS SACRED COMEDY’S GUIDE TO THE HOLIDAYS

“More than the Earth dies in Winter” for Patrice Fitzgerald’s TILL DEATH DO US PART

“There’s ice on the tracks, but not the kind you might think...” for Kathy Carmichael’s MAYHEM ON THE WINTERLAND EXPRESS

“Not everyone loves pumpkin pie” for T.M. Souder’s DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW

How fun does all this sound?!

We've taken partnering/collaboration with fellow Indie Epub Authors to all new, and superfab, sweet serendipity-filled moments!

We luuuvvv the fact that with each WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology, each author has a chance to tap into approximately ten additional reader bases, as our partners' readers and fans are now introduced to our story worlds too!!!

And we've got 6 of these gems releasing in 2012 - including collaborations with over 60 fellow Indie Epub Authors - with wonderfully colorful themes like:

Viva La Valentines

Spring Hop

Summer Fling

Spooky Shorts


Martini Madness

These anthologies have something for every reader with terrific twists on their favorite genres!

And not just in 2012 either...we've got another 6 planned for 2013, with again over 60 more fellow Indie Epub Authors!!!

Now that's Collaboration at its best!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-ville Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. Watch for The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies Viva La Valentines Edition also coming soon!!!


  1. Going to have to snag this and add it to my - read a short story a week goal. *grin* though I should probbaly read Maddness... but being all short stroies it doesn't matter what order I read it in!

    :} Catrhyrn

  2. I luuvvv your "read a short story a week" goal, Cathryn!

    I think I'll do that too!

    You may want to read Madness first, however, although you'll still get a hoot out of my WG2E Winter Wonderland story too, they are connected!

    Happy Reading!!!

  3. Great stories! I really enjoyed the anthologies and Madness Under The Mistletoe, too!

  4. Thanks bunches, Jaw!!!

    I'm sooo tickled you're luuuvin' all my anthology contributions and those of all my superfab partners too!

    Collaboration is a hoot and what a unique treat for all my wonderful readers like you!