Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Got a New Treat for all you Superfab D. D. Scott-ville Readers - The RG2E - The Reader's Guide to Epublishing!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got a wonderful new treat for all you superfab D. D. Scott-ville Readers...coming soon - February 1st to be exact!

The RG2E - The Reader's Guide to Epublishing

The RG2E - The Reader's Guide to Epublishing - is going to be a sister site to the site I co-founded The WG2E - The Writer's Guide to Epublishing.

And just as their names indicate...

The WG2E is for all my superfab fellow Writers.

The RG2E will be for all you superfab Readers!!!

What I envision and am in the process of creating is a site that will be a one-of-a-kind, Author-Reader interactive, destination site for all-things Ereading.

Unlike many Ereading sites you see out there, we won't be limiting our featured Ebooks to just one Ereading device. So, in other words, that means it doesn't matter if you choose to Eread on an Amazon Kindle, a Barnes & Noble Nook, a Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad or any other version, we'll feature books you can read on all of these Ereading devices.

In addition, most Ereading sites just feature one Ebook a Day. But that means, if you don't like that genre, then there's nothing for you on that given day. Not so at The RG2E, we'll be featuring a variety of genres and sub-genres each and every day, 7 days per week-365 days per year, so there will always be something there that might interest you.

Very cool and unique so far, right?

But ohhh yeahhh...you know it! LOL! In D. D. Scott-ville, there's always more...

We'll have a ton of Author-Reader Interactive Events, including, but not limited too:

1. Author Interviews done by you...one of that author's fans!

2. Tons, tons, tons (did I say tons?!) of Ereader Giveaways...that's right, you want a new Ereader? You might just win one on The RG2E!!!

3. Tons, tons, tons (did I say tons again?!) of Ebook Giveaways...that's right, we're also not just featuring a plethora of Ebooks each and every day, we're E-Gifting a ton of 'em every day too!!! We want to help you fill your Ereaders with great books for great prices!!!

4. A totally out-of-the-park cool monthly E-newsletter where you'll hear from your fave authors and new authors too...and you'll hear things about 'em you'll never find anywhere else!

5. Instead of around 250 - 350 featured books per year, we'll give shout-outs and features to over 3,650 Ebooks per year!

Tons of superfab fun stuff, right?!

Here's more scoop on The RG2E and how we're building it:

The RG2E is Coming Soon!

We Need Your Help Choosing The Genres for The RG2E Ebooks of The Day

And as that second link says, we need all you D. D. Scott-ville Readers' input too!!!

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Which are your fave genres to read and genres you'd like to see featured on The RG2E? Oh, and what kinds of cool scoop would you like to know about the authors and books you're reading? Also, what price do you find reasonable for Ebooks?

The Best of The RG2E Ereading Wishes --- D. D. Scott


  1. This is such a good idea. Can't wait to be a part of it all when it comes live.

  2. And we can't wait to welcome you to The RG2E, Julie!

    Thanks bunches for the superfab sweet RG2E shout-out!

    U rock!!!

  3. I'm just going to sneak over here and state again that I'd like to see Fantasy and Science-Fiction, could probably throw some sub-genres into them, epic, romance, saucy sexy... wait that books still in nano draft form... *giggles*

    No, I'm not excited at all *whistles innocently, or at least tries, she probably got the innocent look down, but she's failing at the whistling*

    :} Cathryn

    1. LOL, Cathryn!

      We've got ya covered on your Fantasy/Sci-Fi genres.

      And keep on whistling, my friend...it's just too exciting not to!!!


  4. So great to be a part of it, D.D.!

  5. I'm over the moon to share this journey with you, Alicia!

    Cheers, Girlfriend!!!

  6. This sounds SO exciting, D.D.! Can't wait! Thanks for ALL of your hard work........it's SO much appreciated by SO many! :)

    1. Thanks bunches, Jaw!

      I declared 2012 to be The Year of The Reader here in D. D. Scott-ville, and I'm sooo excited to make good on that promise!!!