Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got an over the moon superfab treat for ya today...actually, an "across the pond" treat!

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland!!!

I'm sooo thrilled to have partnered with Talli for our Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE!

on Amazon

on Barnes & Noble Nook

at Smashwords (for iPad, Sony, and Kobo)

Talli and I, along with our superfab partner Tonya Kappes, thought it would be waaay fun and very Muse Therapy-esque to give y'all the scoop regarding the inspiration behind each of our MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE short-story contributions!

Talli will kick us off today with the inspiration behind her Madness Under The Mistletoe Story - Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts!

Tonya will pick-up next Tuesday (December 6th).

And I'll wrap it up on Tuesday (December 13th).

Take it away, Talli...

The Inspiration of Museums

It was a stuffy day in central London, and I was flipping through the paper with abandon (okay, so I was clicking the online newspaper links with abandon, but that doesn’t sound as good). All of a sudden, a headline rushed out at me: Museum of Broken Relationships Comes to London. A Museum of Broken Relationships, I thought? What an interesting concept.

As I navigated through the pictures – from a garden gnome to a garish pair of Y-fronts – I couldn’t help constructing stories in my head. Where had those undies come from? What was the significance of the figurine? The more photos I saw, the more my brain raced . . . until I just had to write about it. And being the evil creator that I am, I thought up a situation to ensure maximum conflict: what if I placed a poster child for happy endings in a position of responsibility in such a museum? What would happen? Would she implode, or would she gradually become pessimistic? My main character of Rose was born.

When it came time for Rose to think about the logistics of setting up the museum, I called upon my experience at London’s Dennis Severs’ House, where there are ten rooms set to create ‘moods’ from between 1724 and 1914. As you weave your way through the silent house by candlelight, you feel like you’re interrupting the invisible occupants, an eighteenth-century French Huguenot family of silkweavers, in their dinner. Their presence eerily lingers through the smell of food and various objects strewn carelessly about. With every room, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a painting about to come to life. This is exactly what I wanted the Museum of Broken Hearts in my novel to feel like, so I had Rose create real-life spaces in which to place the objects.

Who says museum are boring? For me, they’re simply a starting point to tell another story.


How superfab muse wondermous is that?!

Now then...here's some terrific scoop on Talli too...one of my all-time fave authors:

Talli Roland has three loves in her life: chick lit, coffee and wine. Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life (coffee and wine). Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories – complete with happy endings. Her debut novel, The Hating Game, was an Amazon Top 100 bestseller and shortlisted for Best Romantic Read at the UK’s Festival of Romance, and her second, Watching Willow Watts, was selected as a 2011 Amazon Customer Favourite. Build A Man is her latest release. Talli blogs here and can be found on Twitter here.

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Here's your chance to chat with an Amazon 2011 UK Customer Fave...Author Talli Roland...Talli will be here with us all day long!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart Across The Pond Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being Thankful...One Reader At a Time

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville, and Happy Almost Turkey-Day too!!!

For me, it's not just about being "thankful" one day every year, it's about Being Thankful...One Reader At a Time...all-year-long.

And here's what I mean by that...

This past week, I celebrated a huge milestone - hitting my first 20,000 Ebooks Sold!

All-told, in just the last two months alone, over 60,000 new readers have downloaded the book that started it all for me - Bootscootin' Blahniks - which is now Free on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iPad, Sony, and at Smashwords too!

And over 14,700 readers have bought one or more of my other titles - Stompin' on Stetsons, Buckles Me Baby, Thug Guard, Lip Glock, Fluid Fulfillment, Licensed For Love, Madness Under The Mistletoe and Muse Therapy!

Nothin' beats treating readers to great books for great prices...and being able to say "the first one is on me"!

I'm sooo very thankful for every reader who reads my books!

I'm sooo very thankful to be able to get to know a lot of you, whether here in D. D. Scott-ville or on The WG2E or on my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads pages.

I'm sooo very thankful to be able to pay it forward to tons of new writers/authors via my one-million-hits-a-month, two-thousand-plus-visitors-per-day grog The WG2E.

And I'm sooo very thankful to be able to pay it forward one LOL at a time...because I truly believe that everything is possible as long as you don't lose your ability to laugh your ass off!!!

Well, laughing your ass off and also choosing to surround yourself with peeps who bring nothing but love and joy into your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

It's such a joy to share the world with you!

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville Holiday Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheers to Y'all with an Under The Mistletoe Martini!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

Boy do I have a treat for y'all today!

I discovered the perfect cocktail to help celebrate the launch of my Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE...

R U ready for this?

Introducing the...

Under The Mistletoe Martini

As served at The Palm steakhouse in Nashville Tennessee (and y'all know I'm a sucker for all-things-Music City)!!!

The Palm is located across from the Bridgestone Arena, where they hold the CMA Awards, and is a fave of country music celebs like Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker and the Judds.

I got all this superfab fun scoop in People Magazine's new Country Special.

Here's the recipe for the

Under The Mistletoe Martini:

Rub outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water; dip rim in 1 finely crushed peppermint candy cane to coat. Combine 1/4 cup vodka, 4 dashes white creme de menthe, 1/3 cup cranberry juice and 1/4 cup strawberry puree in a cocktail shaker; fill half full with crushed ice. Cover with lid and shake until thoroughly chilled. Strain into prepared glass. Serve immediately.

Cheers, Y'all and Welcome to my MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Cocktail Party!!!

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: How 'bout sharing some recipes for your fave holiday cocktails...

Sexy Sassy Smart Cheers to You --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

For those of you regulars here in D. D. Scott-ville, y'all know that each year I choose a Christmas Theme.

In the past, I've done such superfab fun themes as:

Christmas in Oz


Cow-Bell and Cracker Barrel Christmas

So after years with all-things-green-and-Emerald-City then all-things-cowbells-and-cracker-barrel (yes, as in Cracker Barrel the restaurant...a fave of me and my DH)...

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme is:

A Committed Christmas

(yep, as in a holiday decorating theme full of "signs" that I should probably be committed)

Take the following little gems, which will all appear on our tree:

Y'all know by now how much I adore Bitchy Signs...so I thought, why not work 'em into this year's holiday trimmings?!

How fun is that?!

I know...Crazy...but that's the whole point of "A Committed Christmas"!!!

Welcome to an inside peek at D. D. Scott-ville's Home-For-The-Holiday's Crazy Trip!!!

Y'all are always welcome in my magical nuthouse...which I sooo wish looked just like this one:

Oh how I'd luuuvvv to live in The Grinch's Whoville all-year-long...I'm a total Cindy Lou Who!!!

How 'bout you?

Sexy Sassy Smart Christmas Theme Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Desk

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got a special story to share with y'all today...about The Desk...

As in, The Desk I've used to write and publish all ten of my Ebooks as well as The Desk I'll be using forever and beyond.

This one right here...that used to belong to my superfab DH:

Here's the scoop...

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, my DH bought this gem of a desk for around $25 at a garage sale.

For years, he used it every day.

Three years ago, he "lost" this treasure in a divorce...as in his "ex" kept The Desk.

Early last Spring (2010), the DH and I were at a wonderful Antique Show, and that same desk caught my DH's eye. At the time, he had no idea it was The Desk! The dealer told us he'd picked it up at an estate auction the year prior.

My DH was opening up the drawers to check the condition of the piece when he gasped...it was The Desk!

How did he know?

He'd patched a place inside one of the drawers, and there it was...his handiwork lookin' right back at him.

So guess what?

I had to have The Desk as my new writing desk. I knew me and my muses would thrive on my DH's energy and history with that piece of furniture.

We bought it back...for $900!!!

Since then, I've created 10 magical stories sitting at this same desk and plan to continue cranking out books here for our very own happily ever after.

So How 'Bout All of You in D. D. Scott-ville...Do you have some special piece of furniture in your home? And what's the story behind it?

Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-ville Special Pieces Wishes --- D. D. Scott