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Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got an over the moon superfab treat for ya today...

Last week, we went "across the pond" with my MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE partner, Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland...

And I promised you this week, we'd Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville my other superfab partner in MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE...

So, ohhhh yeahhh...

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes!!!

I'm sooo thrilled to have partnered with Tonya for our Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE!

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As three members of the MADNESS Crew, we thought it would be waaay fun and very Muse Therapy-esque to give y'all the scoop regarding the inspiration behind each of our MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE short-story contributions!

Talli kicked us off last week with the inspiration behind her Madness Under The Mistletoe Story - Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts!

Tonya will pick-up today.

And I'll wrap it up next Tuesday (December 13th).

Take it away, Tonya...


Definition of superstition: Noun
1. An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.
2. The way Maggie Greenlee lives her life…

Yes, this is the first line my novel, Never Tell Your Dreams Before Breakfast.

I absolutely love this novel.

No matter what authors say, there is a little bit on themselves in every one of their novels. And I’m no different.

My Grandberry Falls series set in the fictitious town of Grandberry Falls, is less than fictitious. It’s actually based on my small hometown. And if you know anything about small towns, there is a lot of superstition. From which house is haunted, lifting you feet up as you drive over railroad tracks. It’s just something that is engrained in you.

A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS, in the MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE anthology, is the prequel to my third Grandberry Falls novel, Never Tell Your Dreams Before Breakfast.

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into what it is really like in a real small town, superstition and all. Starting with the Greenlee family seemed like the right place.

Maggie Greenlee, like me, was raised on superstitious beliefs, and it’s hard to explain those to potential boyfriends or husband in Maggie’s case. Sometimes they understand your crazy beliefs and sometimes they call you crazy! Either way, superstition is so engrained in your soul, it’s nearly impossible to try to live your life without it.

I NEVER leave a house/store/restaurant through a different door than I came in. It would simply mean bad luck and anyway I can ward it off I will.

I thought it would be fun and funnier to write a book about a small town girl who moves away to a big city where she finds love and happiness. Or so she thinks, because you know she’s been trying all her life to get out of that small town.

What happens when she does land that great job, hunky and rich Hampton boyfriend who thinks her superstition is childish? Well, it turns out that the Greenlee’s traditional Christmas is turned upside down when Maggie brings her “other” home!

A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS is a fun tale of family and what true happiness really is.

So next time you have a dream...be sure to never tell it before breakfast!


Completely brilliant story concept, right D. D. Scott-ville?!

From a waaay brilliant Bestselling Author!

Here's the scoop on Tonya (or Super T as Talli and I call her):

I write fun humorous fiction, some with romance and some with a little mystery.
More than anything I love to connect with readers! I'm a huge fan of them and LOVE getting to know them. I love to make readers smile, and remember not to take life to seriously. KARMA plays a big role in my life, and I believe in being kind to everyone, even if they aren't kind back. I'm addicted to coffee, McDonald's Diet Coke, and Red Hots Candy!

I'm the co-founder of The Writer’s Guide to E Publishing (thewritersguidetoepublishing.com) where we give writers the true grit on what helped us sell more books, and reach more readers.

When I'm not writing about quirky characters and even quirkier situations, I'm busy being the princess, queen and jester of my domain which includes my BFF husband, three teenage boys and two dogs.

Why write a book with beading elements? Once upon a time, I was the proud co-owner of a very successful beading company, Beadnicks LLC.

I'm a member of the following affliates:
http://www.rwanational.org/ Romance Writer's of America
http://ovrwa.com/ Ohio Valley Romance Writer's of America
http://chicklitwriters.com/ Chick Writers of the World

I'd love to hear from you!! Email me at Tonyak11(at)yahoo(dot)com

And make sure to check-out Tonya's superfab books:





It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Here's your chance to chat with the new queen of quirky-fab fun Small Town USA...Tonya Kappes! Tonya will be with us all-day-long!

The Best of MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Wishes --- D. D. Scott


  1. Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville, Super T!!!

    Okay...here's a question for ya...

    Do you do all of the superfab superstitious holiday things you mention in your story?

    Like the candles in the windows and the apples and what was it at the restaurant was it a salt water shot or something like that?

    You've got me sooo intrigued by all these holiday superstitions!

    And the mistletoe by the waterfall...well...that was one of the greatest scenes ever written...seriously!!!

  2. Fantastic post, Tonya! I've never heard that it's bad luck to tell your dreams before breakfast. Eep! I'm quite superstitious... I wonder how many times I've broken that rule!

  3. I sooo hear ya, Talli!

    I'm keeping a list now of all Super T's susperstitions...she's got me totally freaked out!!! But in a good way...


  4. I LOVE your books Tonya! I'm reading your latest one now, & I've already finished the Christmas anthology stories. Keep up the awesome writing! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  5. Hahhaa! Talli!! DON'T tell your dreams!!! I live my life built around my superstition and everyone in my community crack up:) It's just one of my quirky personality traits.

  6. Thanks so much, Jaw! I'm thrilled that you've discovered my novel through the anthology. Please drop me a line and let me know how you like it, good or bad;))

  7. Great post, Tonya and DD! I lurrrved Carpe Bead'em. Can't wait to check out your new one - sounds fab! :)

  8. Tonya's new story is terrific, Sibel, and has that same quirky-fab fun with a bunch of heart too that makes Carpe Bead'em also totally rock!

    Cheers to you, Girlfriend, and Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville!!!

  9. Thanks, Sibel! Carpe was a great story from my heart! It was fun writing it and sometimes those gals creep into my apartment building (in my head) bringing wine and cupcakes hoping to come back in....

  10. Thanks, DD!! I can always count on you to cheer me on! I do try to write with heart b/c I want my readers to feel the story as I write it.

  11. Fun post! I'm very superstitious, too. I often see things as symbols and signs and sometimes make myself a bit crazy with it. I luv Happy New Life, but I haven't gotten to the Xmas stories yet. That'll be a nice treat for the holidays. Both you guys rock!

    BTW- for some reason the posts for this blog come a day late in my email.

  12. Oooo...I'm a huge "sign" kinda gal myself, Alicia!

    Sometimes, those signs are just sooo darn strong they give me chills!

    We're tickled to be able to treat you to a little holiday fun, Girlfriend!

    And I'm not sure why the Blogger emails were late...I've had that happen now on both Blogger and Wordpress too.

    Thanks bunches for hangin' in D. D. Scott-ville with us...where it's never too late for some LOL superfab fun!!!

  13. OH, Alicia, you are my kind of girl. I'm always getting signs. When I don't follow them is when I get myself into trouble.
    Thank you so much for reading Happy New Life. It's a very sweet story. And I am thrilled you are getting ready to spend more time in Grandberry Falls in the anthology, Madness Under The Mistletoe. It was a lot of fun to do!!