Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ebook Gifting Is Now Available For All You Superfab Barnes and Noble Nook Readers Too!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

Saturday, I filled y'all in about Kindle Gifting.

But wait...there's more...

You can now Gift Ebooks on Barnes and Noble Nook too!!!

Here's the scoop:

Instant Gifting - Nook Books and Nook Apps Too

I'm over the moon gaga about this latest Nook feature!!! I use the Kindle Gifting feature all the time...gifting both my books as well as several of my fave authors' books too!

If you like my D. D. Scott-ville Books, you'll luuuvvv Ebooks by the following Bestselling Authors:

Tonya Kappes

Talli Roland

Sibel Hodge

Gordon Kirkland

Scott Nicholson

Ruth and Michael Harris

Barbara Silkstone

Karen Cantwell

L.C. Evans

John Locke

J. A. Konrath

Kathy Carmichael

Dana Taylor

Lisa Lim

Bufo Calvin (for all the Kindle Techie How-To's)

For the How-To's on Kindle Gift Copying Ebooks, check my post from this past Saturday.

For the How-To's on Nook Ebooks Instant Gifting, here's the scoop:

1. Go to the Nook Page for the Ebook you'd like to Instant Gift...we'll use my Barnes & Noble Top 100 Boxed Set as an example:

D. D. Scott Special Edition Ebook Boxed Set (on Nook) - my first 6 books for just $2.99

2. Right underneath the Buy Now Button on the right side of each Nook Book's Page, you'll see a little present with a Buy As Gift Button next to it.

3. When you click on the Buy As Gift Button, you'll be asked to enter your recipient's email address and you can also then include a message with your gift.

***Unlike Kindle Gifting, I don't see where you can choose the date the Ebook Gift will be sent to your Nook Reading Peep. Maybe they'll add that feature soon.***

4. That's it. You then pay for your purchase, and your Ebook Gift is sent to your fave Nook Reading Peep!!!

Very easy to do, right?!

So get to Ebook Gifting all the Ereaders on your Holiday Gift List!!!

Which Ebooks are you Gifting this Holiday Season?

Sexy Sassy Smart Ebook Gifting Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. And thanks bunches to all your superfab Nook Peeps, who've kept me in B&N's Top 100 since this past Wednesday and for all you waaay terrific Kindle Readers too, who got me onto both Amazon's Top 100 and Movers & Shakers this past week too!!!


  1. This is very exciting news. I'm so glad to be able to gift copies finally!!!

  2. This is SO cool! What a wonderful idea for gift giving......Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, WHATEVER!

  3. It is exciting indeed, Tonya!

    I'd been giving all my Nook Readers Smashwords Coupons to gift it that way...but then they would have to side-load the book onto their Nook!

    No more!!!

    I'm gonna be a Kindle and Nook Gifting Queen this holiday season!!!

    Cheers to that!!!

  4. And you're sooo right, Jaw...

    Kindle and Nook Gifting is great for all kinds of special days...birthdays, anniversaries, just-becauses, Valentine's Day or just the Whatevers too! LOL!

    Thanks bunches for mentioning this!

  5. Yay D.D.! Thank you so much for the shout-out. xx

  6. U betchya, Talli!

    I just luuuvvv your books!!!

    And for those of you new to Talli's books, check out her brand new "2-for-one" deal, where you get both The Hating Game and Watching Willow Watts for just #3.99!!!


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