Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

For those of you regulars here in D. D. Scott-ville, y'all know that each year I choose a Christmas Theme.

In the past, I've done such superfab fun themes as:

Christmas in Oz


Cow-Bell and Cracker Barrel Christmas

So after years with all-things-green-and-Emerald-City then all-things-cowbells-and-cracker-barrel (yes, as in Cracker Barrel the restaurant...a fave of me and my DH)...

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme is:

A Committed Christmas

(yep, as in a holiday decorating theme full of "signs" that I should probably be committed)

Take the following little gems, which will all appear on our tree:

Y'all know by now how much I adore Bitchy Signs...so I thought, why not work 'em into this year's holiday trimmings?!

How fun is that?!

I know...Crazy...but that's the whole point of "A Committed Christmas"!!!

Welcome to an inside peek at D. D. Scott-ville's Home-For-The-Holiday's Crazy Trip!!!

Y'all are always welcome in my magical nuthouse...which I sooo wish looked just like this one:

Oh how I'd luuuvvv to live in The Grinch's Whoville all-year-long...I'm a total Cindy Lou Who!!!

How 'bout you?

Sexy Sassy Smart Christmas Theme Wishes --- D. D. Scott


  1. We have themed Christmas Trees in our house too. BUT they are the same each year. I put up eight trees and just don't have time to change the theme, but I sooo could put one up on my desk and laugh my butt off!! LOVE the signs!

  2. Great idea, Super T!

    It would be your Muse Therapy Tree!!!

    As you know, I just added one of those to my office, and I'm leaving it up all-year-long!

    Cheers to you and your 8 trees...maybe 9 now!

  3. Cute idea! When you get it up & decorated, you'll have to post a picture for us to see!

  4. Oooo...great idea, Jaw! I'll definitely post a pic when it's all done!!!


  5. I love the idea of a themed Christmas that's all about hitting the funny bone and keeping sort of sane. LOL! I'd love to see a photo, too, DD.

  6. Sort of sane totally works for me, Sheila! LOL! Going for more than that would be totally insane! LOL some more!!!

    I'll for sure give y'all a peek as soon as I finish decorating over Thanksgiving weekend!

  7. I used to do themed Christmas trees or decorating. But now that it's just me by myself and my Yorkie Rocco, it has lost it's meaning. Last year or so I've had a cute white table top tree. This year I'm aiming for a real full size tree!

  8. Your white table top tree sounds superfab, Jamie Rae!

    Although, I think a full-sized real tree sounds terrific too for both you and Rocco (luuuvvv that name, btw!)!!!

    And OMG!...LOL!...you are sooo right...it is 2011!!! Not sure how the hell I lost an entire year! LMAO!!! Thanks for the shout-out on that!!!