Tuesday, December 27, 2011

D. D. Scott-ville 2012

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville, and Happy New Year too!!!

I'm over the moon...yep...as in this superfab cow's groovin' movin'...

To give y'all a Sneak Peek at my 2012 Release Schedule!!!

Mark your calendars 'cause there's a ton of superfab fun reads comin' soon to D. D. Scott-ville!!!

Here's the scoop:

January 2012 ---

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Winter Wonderland Edition) - a terrific collection of short stories and novellas to introduce you to some of today's hottest Indie Epub Authors; this edition features - Tonya Kappes, Talli Roland, Sibel Hodge, Kathy Carmichael, T.M. Souders, Alicia Street, Tamara Ward, Patrice Fitzgerald, and Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael

***I'll tell you more about these wonderful WG2E Anthologies very soon!!!

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Viva La Valentine Edition)

Carats & Coconuts (Cozy Cash Mystery #3)

March 2012 ---

Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries Boxed Set (including the first two Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries plus four new short stories too)

April 2012 ---

10 Years and 24-Hours to Indie Epub Success (non-fiction)

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Spring Hop Edition)

May 2012 ---

Stuck with a Stiff (The Samantha Aldredge Chronicles #1) - my new Cozy Cash Mystery Spin-off Series featuring Zoey Witherspoon's cousin Samantha

***There will be a HUGE surprise announcement with this new series...so stay-tuned...

July 2012 ---

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Summer Fling Edition)

September 2012 ---

Royal Diggs (Cozy Cash Mystery #4)

October 2012 ---

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Spooky Shorts Edition)

November 2012 ---

Christmas Anthology

***Partnering Authors To Be Announced soon!

D. D. Scott Special Edition Boxed Set #2

December 2012 ---

WG2E All-For-Indies Anthology (Martini Madness Edition)

January 2013 ---

Stuck with a Stud (The Samantha Aldredge Chronicles #2)

Ohhh yeahhhh!!! How superfab fun is all that?!

That's one year with 13 New Releases plus a few more special surprises to be announced soon!!!

Happy New Year again, D. D. Scott-ville, and stay-tuned for a 2012 that's plum-full of Sexy, Sassy, Smart Career-Driven Women and the Men Who Complete 'Em!!!

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Literary Chocolate - a Cookbook Featuring Three of My Characters - Is Here!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

Talk about one superfab sweet treat to share with ya today...

I'm over the moon to let y'all know that

LITERARY CHOCOLATE - a Cookbook Featuring Three of My Characters - is here!!!

LITERARY CHOCOLATE on Barnes & Noble Nook

This Cookbook is just a hoot and then some!

Here's the scoop...straight from the book's author Rhonda Plumhoff:

I’ve combined both my passions in life into one book. 32 new chocolate recipes created for some of my favorite book characters. Everything from a Martini for H.P. Mallory’s character, Knightley Vander, to Enchilada’s for Gemma Halliday’s character, Jack Ramirez. These are fun new ways to use chocolate in some of your favorite recipes.

And here's all-about-Rhonda:

When most people are sleeping, dreaming of tropical locations or having nightmares Rhonda dreams of food. Waking up to jot down ideas for the next time she gets into her kitchen. A genuine foodie at heart, who loves to cook for her family and friends whenever she gets the chance. She finally decided that all the recipes that have been floating around in her head or jotted down in notebooks needed to be pulled together and become a cookbook that she could share with others.

Rhonda featured recipes for my Bootscootin' Books' Roxy and Zayne as well as for my Cozy Cash Mystery Hero Roman Bellesconi!!!

You'll get the following waaay wonderful recipes:

Roxy's Whoop It Up Whoopie Pies

Zayne's Bootscootin' Rum Balls


Prince Bellesconi Biscotti

Here's a picture of the Bellesconi that Rhonda actually mailed me to sample:

How cool is that?! And talk about waaay, waaay yummy!!!

For just $2.99 this Cookbook is a treat of a great gift for all the Chocolate-luuuvvving Readers in your family!!!

And remember you can Gift Copy Nook Books now!!!

If you don't have a Nook, no worries...just download the Free Nook Apps from Barnes & Noble and you can have access to the recipes right on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart Literary Chocolate Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ebook Gifting Is Now Available For All You Superfab Barnes and Noble Nook Readers Too!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

Saturday, I filled y'all in about Kindle Gifting.

But wait...there's more...

You can now Gift Ebooks on Barnes and Noble Nook too!!!

Here's the scoop:

Instant Gifting - Nook Books and Nook Apps Too

I'm over the moon gaga about this latest Nook feature!!! I use the Kindle Gifting feature all the time...gifting both my books as well as several of my fave authors' books too!

If you like my D. D. Scott-ville Books, you'll luuuvvv Ebooks by the following Bestselling Authors:

Tonya Kappes

Talli Roland

Sibel Hodge

Gordon Kirkland

Scott Nicholson

Ruth and Michael Harris

Barbara Silkstone

Karen Cantwell

L.C. Evans

John Locke

J. A. Konrath

Kathy Carmichael

Dana Taylor

Lisa Lim

Bufo Calvin (for all the Kindle Techie How-To's)

For the How-To's on Kindle Gift Copying Ebooks, check my post from this past Saturday.

For the How-To's on Nook Ebooks Instant Gifting, here's the scoop:

1. Go to the Nook Page for the Ebook you'd like to Instant Gift...we'll use my Barnes & Noble Top 100 Boxed Set as an example:

D. D. Scott Special Edition Ebook Boxed Set (on Nook) - my first 6 books for just $2.99

2. Right underneath the Buy Now Button on the right side of each Nook Book's Page, you'll see a little present with a Buy As Gift Button next to it.

3. When you click on the Buy As Gift Button, you'll be asked to enter your recipient's email address and you can also then include a message with your gift.

***Unlike Kindle Gifting, I don't see where you can choose the date the Ebook Gift will be sent to your Nook Reading Peep. Maybe they'll add that feature soon.***

4. That's it. You then pay for your purchase, and your Ebook Gift is sent to your fave Nook Reading Peep!!!

Very easy to do, right?!

So get to Ebook Gifting all the Ereaders on your Holiday Gift List!!!

Which Ebooks are you Gifting this Holiday Season?

Sexy Sassy Smart Ebook Gifting Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. And thanks bunches to all your superfab Nook Peeps, who've kept me in B&N's Top 100 since this past Wednesday and for all you waaay terrific Kindle Readers too, who got me onto both Amazon's Top 100 and Movers & Shakers this past week too!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kindle Gifting With The D. D. Scott Boxed Set and Ereader News Today (ENT)

TGIF, D. D. Scott-ville!!!

Just In Time For The Readers On Your Gift Lists...

You can treat your reader peeps to my first 6 Books for just $2.99...

(a total value of $5.94, if you purchased each book individually)!


In my D. D. Scott Special Edition Ebook Boxed Set!!!

Since we've all seen countless reports that Ereaders will be one of the top gifts beneath all of our Christmas Trees, my Boxed Set is the perfect way for y'all to treat the readers on your Gift Lists!

I did this Boxed Set because I wanted to be able to give YOU - my D. D. Scott-ville Readers and Fans - a superfab easy way to shop this holiday season for all the readers on your Gift Lists (and yep, those that already have Ereaders plus those that have them waitin’ for ‘em under their trees)!

And now with Kindle’s new Gifting Program, you can one-click-buy this set as a Kindle Gift for the readers on your list (all you need is their email), and choose to have it delivered to that peep’s Kindle or Free Kindle App on the day of your holiday gathering!!!

How cool is that?!

Here's all the how-to scoop:

Amazon has just announced a new service.

You can now give Kindle versions (of any or all of my books) AND select the day the recipient will have it appear on their Kindle.

How about December 25th?

Or if your family and friends are celebrating on different days, you can choose the one that works for your gift exchanges!!!

This is also a wonderful and easy way to load up a Kindle you may be giving as a gift this year!

To arrange for a Kindle Gift Copy of my Ebooks, here's how ya do it:

1. Visit the Amazon Page for any of my books, all the links for which you'll find in D. D. Scott-ville in either the Home Page's Left Sidebar or on The Books Page!

But let's start with my BOXED SET...since that one will give your gift the most bang for the buck

2. Click on the Give as a Gift button on the right side of your screen, Provide the email address of your gift recipient, Select the date you want it delivered, then Click on the Place Your Order button at the bottom right.

3. You can also get a free electronic autograph and inscription from me for the book by visiting http://www.kindlegraph.com/authors/ddscottromcom . This site allows me to “autograph” and personalize Kindle books.

And just like your fave info-mercials...

But Wait...There's More...


I'm over the moon to have received a big ol' shout-out for my D. D. Scott Special Edition Boxed Set from the superfab peeps over at...

Ereader News Today (ENT)

And I'm tellin' right now, if you aren't part of ENT yet, go on over there right now and join in! It's "the" spot to find all the best Ebooks!!! You'll join over 100,000 Ereaders (on Facebook alone), who now rely on ENT to show 'em great books at great prices!!!

Here's what the superfab Greg of ENT had to say about my D. D. Scott Boxed Set and why he chose it as today's ENT Bargain Book Pick:

"Usually the bargain books [at ENT] are 99 cent books but this seems like a great deal, in fact it's even less than 99 cents per book so it's a great deal. I think the readers will like this one!"

"...one of the top Romantic Comedy/Humorous Mystery writers out right now."

Thanks Bunches for this superfab shout-out, Greg! You and ENT rock!!!

***Note: They rock so much that last night, this Boxed Set broke me into Amazon's Top 100 (#95) for the first time!!!***

Nothin' beats treatin' y'all to great books for great prices...plus making your holiday shopping a bunch easier with Kindle Gifting!!!

Happy Reading and Gifting, Y'All!!!

And Happy Holidays from my home to each of yours!

Sexy Sassy Smart Holiday Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got an over the moon superfab treat for ya today...

Last week, we went "across the pond" with my MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE partner, Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland...

And I promised you this week, we'd Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville my other superfab partner in MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE...

So, ohhhh yeahhh...

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes!!!

I'm sooo thrilled to have partnered with Tonya for our Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE!

on Amazon

on Barnes & Noble Nook

at Smashwords (for iPad, Sony, and Kobo)

As three members of the MADNESS Crew, we thought it would be waaay fun and very Muse Therapy-esque to give y'all the scoop regarding the inspiration behind each of our MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE short-story contributions!

Talli kicked us off last week with the inspiration behind her Madness Under The Mistletoe Story - Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts!

Tonya will pick-up today.

And I'll wrap it up next Tuesday (December 13th).

Take it away, Tonya...


Definition of superstition: Noun
1. An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.
2. The way Maggie Greenlee lives her life…

Yes, this is the first line my novel, Never Tell Your Dreams Before Breakfast.

I absolutely love this novel.

No matter what authors say, there is a little bit on themselves in every one of their novels. And I’m no different.

My Grandberry Falls series set in the fictitious town of Grandberry Falls, is less than fictitious. It’s actually based on my small hometown. And if you know anything about small towns, there is a lot of superstition. From which house is haunted, lifting you feet up as you drive over railroad tracks. It’s just something that is engrained in you.

A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS, in the MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE anthology, is the prequel to my third Grandberry Falls novel, Never Tell Your Dreams Before Breakfast.

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into what it is really like in a real small town, superstition and all. Starting with the Greenlee family seemed like the right place.

Maggie Greenlee, like me, was raised on superstitious beliefs, and it’s hard to explain those to potential boyfriends or husband in Maggie’s case. Sometimes they understand your crazy beliefs and sometimes they call you crazy! Either way, superstition is so engrained in your soul, it’s nearly impossible to try to live your life without it.

I NEVER leave a house/store/restaurant through a different door than I came in. It would simply mean bad luck and anyway I can ward it off I will.

I thought it would be fun and funnier to write a book about a small town girl who moves away to a big city where she finds love and happiness. Or so she thinks, because you know she’s been trying all her life to get out of that small town.

What happens when she does land that great job, hunky and rich Hampton boyfriend who thinks her superstition is childish? Well, it turns out that the Greenlee’s traditional Christmas is turned upside down when Maggie brings her “other” home!

A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS is a fun tale of family and what true happiness really is.

So next time you have a dream...be sure to never tell it before breakfast!


Completely brilliant story concept, right D. D. Scott-ville?!

From a waaay brilliant Bestselling Author!

Here's the scoop on Tonya (or Super T as Talli and I call her):

I write fun humorous fiction, some with romance and some with a little mystery.
More than anything I love to connect with readers! I'm a huge fan of them and LOVE getting to know them. I love to make readers smile, and remember not to take life to seriously. KARMA plays a big role in my life, and I believe in being kind to everyone, even if they aren't kind back. I'm addicted to coffee, McDonald's Diet Coke, and Red Hots Candy!

I'm the co-founder of The Writer’s Guide to E Publishing (thewritersguidetoepublishing.com) where we give writers the true grit on what helped us sell more books, and reach more readers.

When I'm not writing about quirky characters and even quirkier situations, I'm busy being the princess, queen and jester of my domain which includes my BFF husband, three teenage boys and two dogs.

Why write a book with beading elements? Once upon a time, I was the proud co-owner of a very successful beading company, Beadnicks LLC.

I'm a member of the following affliates:
http://www.rwanational.org/ Romance Writer's of America
http://ovrwa.com/ Ohio Valley Romance Writer's of America
http://chicklitwriters.com/ Chick Writers of the World

I'd love to hear from you!! Email me at Tonyak11(at)yahoo(dot)com

And make sure to check-out Tonya's superfab books:





It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Here's your chance to chat with the new queen of quirky-fab fun Small Town USA...Tonya Kappes! Tonya will be with us all-day-long!

The Best of MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got an over the moon superfab treat for ya today...actually, an "across the pond" treat!

Welcome to D. D. Scott-ville...Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland!!!

I'm sooo thrilled to have partnered with Talli for our Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE!

on Amazon

on Barnes & Noble Nook

at Smashwords (for iPad, Sony, and Kobo)

Talli and I, along with our superfab partner Tonya Kappes, thought it would be waaay fun and very Muse Therapy-esque to give y'all the scoop regarding the inspiration behind each of our MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE short-story contributions!

Talli will kick us off today with the inspiration behind her Madness Under The Mistletoe Story - Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts!

Tonya will pick-up next Tuesday (December 6th).

And I'll wrap it up on Tuesday (December 13th).

Take it away, Talli...

The Inspiration of Museums

It was a stuffy day in central London, and I was flipping through the paper with abandon (okay, so I was clicking the online newspaper links with abandon, but that doesn’t sound as good). All of a sudden, a headline rushed out at me: Museum of Broken Relationships Comes to London. A Museum of Broken Relationships, I thought? What an interesting concept.

As I navigated through the pictures – from a garden gnome to a garish pair of Y-fronts – I couldn’t help constructing stories in my head. Where had those undies come from? What was the significance of the figurine? The more photos I saw, the more my brain raced . . . until I just had to write about it. And being the evil creator that I am, I thought up a situation to ensure maximum conflict: what if I placed a poster child for happy endings in a position of responsibility in such a museum? What would happen? Would she implode, or would she gradually become pessimistic? My main character of Rose was born.

When it came time for Rose to think about the logistics of setting up the museum, I called upon my experience at London’s Dennis Severs’ House, where there are ten rooms set to create ‘moods’ from between 1724 and 1914. As you weave your way through the silent house by candlelight, you feel like you’re interrupting the invisible occupants, an eighteenth-century French Huguenot family of silkweavers, in their dinner. Their presence eerily lingers through the smell of food and various objects strewn carelessly about. With every room, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a painting about to come to life. This is exactly what I wanted the Museum of Broken Hearts in my novel to feel like, so I had Rose create real-life spaces in which to place the objects.

Who says museum are boring? For me, they’re simply a starting point to tell another story.


How superfab muse wondermous is that?!

Now then...here's some terrific scoop on Talli too...one of my all-time fave authors:

Talli Roland has three loves in her life: chick lit, coffee and wine. Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life (coffee and wine). Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories – complete with happy endings. Her debut novel, The Hating Game, was an Amazon Top 100 bestseller and shortlisted for Best Romantic Read at the UK’s Festival of Romance, and her second, Watching Willow Watts, was selected as a 2011 Amazon Customer Favourite. Build A Man is her latest release. Talli blogs here and can be found on Twitter here.

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: Here's your chance to chat with an Amazon 2011 UK Customer Fave...Author Talli Roland...Talli will be here with us all day long!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart Across The Pond Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being Thankful...One Reader At a Time

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville, and Happy Almost Turkey-Day too!!!

For me, it's not just about being "thankful" one day every year, it's about Being Thankful...One Reader At a Time...all-year-long.

And here's what I mean by that...

This past week, I celebrated a huge milestone - hitting my first 20,000 Ebooks Sold!

All-told, in just the last two months alone, over 60,000 new readers have downloaded the book that started it all for me - Bootscootin' Blahniks - which is now Free on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iPad, Sony, and at Smashwords too!

And over 14,700 readers have bought one or more of my other titles - Stompin' on Stetsons, Buckles Me Baby, Thug Guard, Lip Glock, Fluid Fulfillment, Licensed For Love, Madness Under The Mistletoe and Muse Therapy!

Nothin' beats treating readers to great books for great prices...and being able to say "the first one is on me"!

I'm sooo very thankful for every reader who reads my books!

I'm sooo very thankful to be able to get to know a lot of you, whether here in D. D. Scott-ville or on The WG2E or on my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads pages.

I'm sooo very thankful to be able to pay it forward to tons of new writers/authors via my one-million-hits-a-month, two-thousand-plus-visitors-per-day grog The WG2E.

And I'm sooo very thankful to be able to pay it forward one LOL at a time...because I truly believe that everything is possible as long as you don't lose your ability to laugh your ass off!!!

Well, laughing your ass off and also choosing to surround yourself with peeps who bring nothing but love and joy into your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

It's such a joy to share the world with you!

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville Holiday Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheers to Y'all with an Under The Mistletoe Martini!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

Boy do I have a treat for y'all today!

I discovered the perfect cocktail to help celebrate the launch of my Christmas Anthology MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE...

R U ready for this?

Introducing the...

Under The Mistletoe Martini

As served at The Palm steakhouse in Nashville Tennessee (and y'all know I'm a sucker for all-things-Music City)!!!

The Palm is located across from the Bridgestone Arena, where they hold the CMA Awards, and is a fave of country music celebs like Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker and the Judds.

I got all this superfab fun scoop in People Magazine's new Country Special.

Here's the recipe for the

Under The Mistletoe Martini:

Rub outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water; dip rim in 1 finely crushed peppermint candy cane to coat. Combine 1/4 cup vodka, 4 dashes white creme de menthe, 1/3 cup cranberry juice and 1/4 cup strawberry puree in a cocktail shaker; fill half full with crushed ice. Cover with lid and shake until thoroughly chilled. Strain into prepared glass. Serve immediately.

Cheers, Y'all and Welcome to my MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Cocktail Party!!!

It's Your Turn, D. D. Scott-ville: How 'bout sharing some recipes for your fave holiday cocktails...

Sexy Sassy Smart Cheers to You --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

For those of you regulars here in D. D. Scott-ville, y'all know that each year I choose a Christmas Theme.

In the past, I've done such superfab fun themes as:

Christmas in Oz


Cow-Bell and Cracker Barrel Christmas

So after years with all-things-green-and-Emerald-City then all-things-cowbells-and-cracker-barrel (yes, as in Cracker Barrel the restaurant...a fave of me and my DH)...

The D. D. Scott Family 2011 Christmas Theme is:

A Committed Christmas

(yep, as in a holiday decorating theme full of "signs" that I should probably be committed)

Take the following little gems, which will all appear on our tree:

Y'all know by now how much I adore Bitchy Signs...so I thought, why not work 'em into this year's holiday trimmings?!

How fun is that?!

I know...Crazy...but that's the whole point of "A Committed Christmas"!!!

Welcome to an inside peek at D. D. Scott-ville's Home-For-The-Holiday's Crazy Trip!!!

Y'all are always welcome in my magical nuthouse...which I sooo wish looked just like this one:

Oh how I'd luuuvvv to live in The Grinch's Whoville all-year-long...I'm a total Cindy Lou Who!!!

How 'bout you?

Sexy Sassy Smart Christmas Theme Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Desk

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I've got a special story to share with y'all today...about The Desk...

As in, The Desk I've used to write and publish all ten of my Ebooks as well as The Desk I'll be using forever and beyond.

This one right here...that used to belong to my superfab DH:

Here's the scoop...

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, my DH bought this gem of a desk for around $25 at a garage sale.

For years, he used it every day.

Three years ago, he "lost" this treasure in a divorce...as in his "ex" kept The Desk.

Early last Spring (2010), the DH and I were at a wonderful Antique Show, and that same desk caught my DH's eye. At the time, he had no idea it was The Desk! The dealer told us he'd picked it up at an estate auction the year prior.

My DH was opening up the drawers to check the condition of the piece when he gasped...it was The Desk!

How did he know?

He'd patched a place inside one of the drawers, and there it was...his handiwork lookin' right back at him.

So guess what?

I had to have The Desk as my new writing desk. I knew me and my muses would thrive on my DH's energy and history with that piece of furniture.

We bought it back...for $900!!!

Since then, I've created 10 magical stories sitting at this same desk and plan to continue cranking out books here for our very own happily ever after.

So How 'Bout All of You in D. D. Scott-ville...Do you have some special piece of furniture in your home? And what's the story behind it?

Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-ville Special Pieces Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HULLABALOO AND HOLLY TOO - A Sneak Peek at My First Cozy Cash Mystery Christmas Novella (Part of the MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Christmas Anthology)

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

I'm over the moon to give you a Sneak Peek of...

HULLABALOO AND HOLLY TOO - my first Cozy Cash Mystery Christmas Novella,


will be part of the superfab MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Christmas Anthology with the A-mazing Tonya Kappes, Lee Lopez and Talli Roland!


Think Will and Kate gone Bond, James Bond in the Grinch's Who-ville.

Here's a Sneak Peek:


And here I thought livin’ in a castle was gonna be rough.

Want to know what’s worse?

Or at least has the potential to be worse?

Goin’ home for the holidays.

That’s my current crazy-trip...and when that trip includes your new fake husband, who has yet to meet his crazy ass in-laws, the entire concept of a threat to your sanity ratchets up to a level all of its own nefarious bidding.

But wait...there’s more.

And no, this isn’t an infomercial, no matter how hard I wish it was.

This is reality.

My quirky-crazy reality.

So what happens when your pretend spouse finds out his in-laws are much more than in-laws?

What if...and let’s just toss this out there...

What if...they’re Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

At least that’s who they think they are.

I know...it sounds like one of Tim Allen’s Santa Claus movies, right?

Well, it ain’t.

It’s my hullabaloo of a Who-ville life.

Think of it as a for-real Dr. Seuss Who-ville, but one with a cast of characters very Christmas with the Fockers.

And I know what you’re thinkin’...

Extra egg-nog, please.

And cheers to that...cause y’all are gonna need it.


I’m Zoey Witherspoon, Duchess of Caserta, and I’m about to take my pretend husband, Prince Roman Bellesconi Umberto-Vittorio Emanuele Vanvitelli, the Duke of Caserta, home for the holidays.

We’re Italy’s version of Will and Kate.

And we’re on our way to The State’s and my childhood home - the Midwestern suburbia version of Who-ville - for one helluva holiday hullabaloo!

I’m about to tell my prince about my parent’s mental issues, and it ain’t gonna be easy. But that’s okay. ‘Cause, for me, life never has been easy.

Not since the age of five, when my parents decided they weren’t just the Witherspoons of Lakeshore Drive.

They were Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who lived in a new version of The North Pole along the fabulous shores of Lake Michigan.

My parents, George and Suzie Witherspoon, suffer from a delusional disorder.

Well...that’s not exactly correct either.

They don’t suffer. They have no clue their beliefs are delusional.

I’m the one who suffers. I’m the kid who’s always simply smiled and shrugged off their eccentricities.

I mean really...what’s not to love about living Christmas all-year-long?

Okay. So maybe our family elves and reindeer have been a bit much to reconcile with Joe Q Public. But other than that, life in Santa and Mrs. Claus’ workshop ain’t all that bad. As long as you’re on “the nice list”.

I thought about all this and how to break it to my prince while snuggled up to our pot-bellied pig’s cozy warm snout. Soaking in the love his squirms and happy-go-lucky ouff-ing noises stirred in my soul, I did find some comfort. But I could use a bunch more.

“We’ll be landing in about a half hour,” Roman said, returning his cushy seat, in our private jet, to its upright position.

Thank God he’d been tired from our stop-over in LA. We’d been there just a few days, long enough to help-out Lily Vaughn, one of our Mom Squad Members, and her brother Wayne, deal with some Hollywood film industry thugs.

Thanks to their predicament, I’d managed to prolong the obvious for as long as possible. But my time had now run-out.

When Dad picked us up from the private airstrip not far from our home, in one of our reindeer-drawn sleighs, I was gonna have some major explaining to do. So I might as well get a jump on our out of the ordinary greeting committee.

“So yeah...about meeting my parents,” I said, deciding to just go for the gusto.

It’s not as if I could somehow get out of the spectacle Roman was about to become part of.

“Are you finally going to tell me about them?” He asked.

The genuine kindness I’d come to expect and adore from him lit up his eyes brighter than any one of the thirty-nine Christmas trees my parents had in their home.

“Have you ever heard of delusional disorder?” I asked.

While I tried to explain my parent’s condition, the age-old knots in my stomach tightened in a very familiar way.

“You mean like a person thinks something is true that the rest of society doesn’t? Kind of like when you’re a child and believe in St. Nick?”

Oh boy. How do you explain that your parents don’t just believe in ‘ole Nick, they think they are ‘ole Nick and his Mrs. too?

“Yes, that’s it. And funny you should mention the St. Nick delusion...”

I looked straight into Roman’s extra-shot-of-espresso eyes, knowing his warmth would always be there for me, but still hating like hell to have to burden him with my family’s insanity.

“Go ahead,” he coached me, totally unaware of what he was about to get into.

HULLABALOO AND HOLLY TOO (part of the MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Christmas Anthology) will be available sometime the first week of November on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iPad, and at Smashwords too!

Sexy Sassy Smart MADNESS UNDER THE MISTLETOE Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Monday, October 17, 2011

LICENSED FOR LOVE - Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #2 - Arrives Today!!!

The Mom Squad...your fave Bootscootin’ Books and Cozy Cash Mystery Characters...are back!!!

This time, in my second Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery Short Story...

Licensed For Love on Amazon

Licensed For Love on B&N Nook

Licensed For Love on Smashwords

***Note: I'll give you the Amazon and Nook links as soon as they're live!!! :) ***

The Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries are a unique treat for both new readers and seasoned fans of my Bootscootin’ & Cozy Cash Mystery Books! They're short story-sized peeks into my collection of interconnected books.

In Licensed For Love, think Roz Focker of Meet the Fockers as The Terminator’s new Sarah Connor – partnered with - Cliff the Mailman from Cheers.

Each Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery (short story) features at least one of The Mom Squad quirky-crazy, blue-haired Charlie's Angels wanna-be's!

You'll get to meet their extended families plus learn the unique skill each Mom Squad Member has been trained-to by The Cozy Cash Mysteries' Quarter Master R.

LICENSED FOR LOVE – Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #2 - features Jules’ Aunt Tulip, who rumor has it, is now not just a sex therapist, but also a femme fatale.

She’s licensed on all-things-love plus licensed to kill. And guess what? It’s hunting season...

Here's a Sneak Peek Excerpt:

I pulled the bundle of mail from the mailbox and flipped through the stack.

Nothing out of the ordinary – bill, junk, bill, Psychology Today magazine, and a renewal notice for my membership in AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

To me, AASECT has always sounded like some insect name, not a pleasant acronym of a professional organization for sex therapists.

But “out of the ordinary” and insects describes more than my mail, it describes my current life, where everything is far away from my norm and quite frankly, bugging me.

I’m Dr. Telaine Patricia Cohen, your basic Rosalind “Roz” Focker, Barbara Streisand-portrayed Sex Therapist. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee – AKA Music City - after falling in love with it while visiting my niece, Jules Lichtenstien, who you probably already know, is Music City’s new cupcake boutique queen and also a caterer to the stars.

But I didn’t just fall in love with the city. I also fell hard for one of its letter carriers.

For the past four months, I’ve been living with Jules’ prosthetic-eared mailman, Ben. And although I adore the guy, I’m still trying to remember why I agreed to move in with him.

Our relationship could definitely use a match to re-ignite the spark that originally attracted us.

Ben’s spark had been his penchant for fun. He may not be able to hear very well, but the guy’s got the Midas Touch when it comes to over-the-top spectacular, seeing stars in the bedroom moves.

But after glancing at the deer on the cover of his latest sportsman’s catalog, I had a revelation. Fun with your live-in was evidently out of season. Hunting, however, was in-season, meaning girlfriends and/or wives were out.

I know what you all are thinking. And yes, I’m a “therapist”. A therapist who now needs a therapist. Why? Because, let me tell you something. At Yale, they don’t teach you how to deal with becoming a hunting widow.

My cell phone rang and temporarily shook me out of my life funk.

I glanced at the display. No surprise.

I’d actually taken the phone with me to the mailbox because it was time for Ben to be fighting interstate traffic on his way home from the post office. He always called me to estimate his arrival for dinner.

Evidently, hunting season didn’t rob a man of his appetite for food...just his appetite for love.

“Hey, baby.” Ben’s voice sounded muffled from the hands-free system in his SUV. “I should be home in about half an hour.”

“Sounds good.”

“Do we have any plans for tomorrow?”

In Ben-speak that meant he did.

I took a deep breath and forced a pleasant response. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, a couple of the guys want to head to the woods because deer season starts tomorrow. Is it okay if I go?”

“Fine with me,” I said, with a bit more zip to my voice than I’d originally intended.

I normally deplored Ben’s little-boy way of asking for a kitchen pass. But his request to hunt, coupled with the catalog cover had given me an idea.

Maybe I hadn’t lost my multiple-award-winning therapist’s touch. Suddenly, I had an epiphany and knew just what to do to shake up our waaay too cozy – and boring - love nest.

So it was big-game season, huh?

Well, too bad.

I wasn’t about to spend our four-month anniversary – the fruit and flowers one – alone. Ben would be hunting, all right, but not the prey he planned on. The only permit he was about to be issued was his live-in’s license for love.

I’d teach him that the fifth anniversary we’d be celebrating next month, one I’m sure he planned to live to talk about, wasn’t the only one with “wood” involved.

And yes, I know that technically, you count anniversaries in years, not months. But I’ve always coached my patients to celebrate every day, every week, and every month of their relationships. I’d simply forgotten to make good on my own therapeutic recommendations.

With only half an hour to work, I had to move fast.

Happy Reading!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-ville Mom Squad Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FLUID FULFILLMENT - Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #1 - Hits The Top 100 Kindle Short Story Bestseller List on Its First Day!!!

Hellooooooooooooooo, D. D. Scott-ville!!!

Here's a huge 'ole shout-out and thank you for making FLUID FULFILLMENT hit Amazon Kindle's Top 100 Short Story Bestseller List on its very first day!!!

Y'all rock!!!

Welcome to my new Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries!!!

Happy Reading and Thank U again for all your superfab sweet support and luuuvvv!!!

Sexy Sassy Smart D. D. Scott-ville Wishes --- D. D. Scott

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FLUID FULFILLMENT - Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #1 - is Here!!!

Happy Tuesday, D. D. Scott-ville!

It's Release Week for my next D. D. Scott Cozy Cash Comedic Caper Adventure!!!

FLUID FULFILLMENT - Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #1 - is now available on Smashwords and will be live on both Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook anytime now!!!

***Note: I'll update this post as soon as I've got the Kindle & Nook Links!!!



While we're waiting, I thought I'd treat y'all to a Sneak Peek!

First, here's the scoop on The Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mysteries:

Each Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery (short story) will feature at least one of The Mom Squad quirky-crazy, blue-haired Charlie's Angels wanna-be's!

You'll get to meet their extended families PLUS learn the unique skill each Mom Squad Member has been trained-to by The Cozy Cash Mysteries' QuarterMaster R.

FLUID FULFILLMENT – Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #1 - features Roxy's mom Lily Vaughn, who some say is now fairly gifted in Jujitsu. Think Victoria's Secret meets Kill Bill.

Now then...here's a Sneak Peek Excerpt:

I’m Lily Vaughn.

Well actually, Lily Vaughn-McKinna.

By now, you know my Bootscootin’, apparel-designing-daughter, Roxy Rae. And you might also remember I’m recently divorced from Roxy’s dad Steve Vaughn, a globe-trotting gigolo who runs a fashion empire on the scale of Salma Hyak’s husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. What Francois does with French luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, my ex does with Italian luxury brands.

I must say, during the years I was Mrs. Vaughn, I learned to run a cutting-edge, dynamite-and-then-some fashion empire, and I’ve now built the same for my daughter’s Raeve Boutiques. Think of us like the Vaughn version of the Kardashian’s Dash stores. I’m Roxy’s business manager, AKA the Kris Kardashian of my daughter’s international fashion empire.

But this isn’t my only job...or what they call a gig out here in LA.

I’m also a member of The Mom Squad, a slightly older version of Charlie’s Angels, who fights international crime along-side one of Roxy’s BFFs and Hollywood stylist to the stars, Zoey Witherspoon.

Actually, we fight crime with Zoey, now the Duchess of Caserta, and her husband the Duke of Caserta, Prince Roman Bellesconi Umberto-Vittorio Emanuele Vanvitelli of the Royal House of Savoy.

And yeah, what a mouth-full, right?

But anyhoo...

Why aren’t you reading about the Duke and Duchess or their Bootscootin’ BFFs?

Well, trust me, we Mom Squad Members cause plenty of our own mayhem.

Take my brother Wayne McKinna, for example. Wayne is waaay over his older-guy-but-still-perfectly-fit head and body, and in super-deep Dutch with the Hollywood mob, thanks to another Mom Squad wanna-be...our Aunt Dodie.

So with the Duke and Duchess on stand-by, ready to assist as soon as my stubborn brother admits he needs them, we’re hunting down the Hollywood mob.

Here’s the scoop...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I stood in the doorway to my brother’s office, I still couldn’t imagine him behind Uncle Lewis’ dark cherry desk. But there he was. Wayne McKinna...in his Southern Cal, golden boy flesh.

Okay...back-up a minute.

I suppose I can’t ignore the obvious. Now that Wayne and I are both in our late 60’s, I suppose he looks more like the dashing and mysterious Sir Sean Connery in his legendary Louis Vuitton ad.

Golden Boy or Sir Connery, either way, Wayne was trying to get comfortable in Uncle Lewis' leather chair. He tipped back the chair then kicked up his legs but couldn’t seem to let them relax over the edge of the desk.

I knew he was craving his beat-up metal desk with the perfectly etched coffee rings, not the slick, cool glass that covered Uncle Lewis' pricey antique collector’s piece.

Wayne just didn't belong in this decorator-perfect room, marking up the rugs and the once clean surface of Uncle Lewis’ desk too, with his old, chipped coffee cup. The usual streams of messy spills were now sloshing over the top and running down the sides.

Hell, he didn't belong here period!

Nothing about Deville 1300 Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of ladies' intimate accessories, was related to my brother. Or to me. Except the owners.

Childless, Uncle Lewis and Aunt Dodie had always looked after us with great pride. There were no boundaries to their affections. For that reason, they’d been kind enough to allow Wayne to set-up this farce of a job in order to accomplish the objectives of his real occupation.

But honestly, Aunt Dodie also thrived on helping Wayne with his career as a private investigator. She did have the eye, actually the nose, for his line of work. And on many occasions, she had helped him find the missing pieces of cases that had, up to that point, eluded him.

In fact, it was her good-natured meddling that was simultaneously indispensable and irritating as hell.

But despite our closeness to Lewis and Dodie, we would never have asked to use their company as a false storefront.

And yes, I most definitely said ‘we’.

Actually, Aunt Dodie and I had formulated the plan as a way for Wayne to appear to be settling into the neighborhood. We had reasoned with him that by accepting an Inventory Manager position at Deville, he'd have the cover he needed to find the person his latest client had hired him to locate. Since the person he had to find was also one of Deville’s best customers, Aunt Dodie and I were basically geniuses.

In the meantime, I’ve gone from helping locate missing cozy cash, in my Thug Guard and Lip Glock adventures, to now searching for missing people.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I may have gotten my nose for trouble from Aunt Dodie’s gene pool. But regardless, she had asked me to come home and help her with this job, so here I am.

Besides, I’ve learned a whole new repertoire of investigative skills, thanks to Roman and Zoey and Roman’s QuarterMaster R, and I am rather anxious to try them out.

Wayne pulled his Mac from its silver case and positioned it in the center of the desk. While he waited for it to power-up, he flipped through the paper file he always created on each new client.

Of course, Aunt Dodie and I had already snuck into his briefcase and perused the file, so we knew exactly what it contained.

Luke Branson's press shot slid out of the folder and onto the glass.

Wayne searched the man's face as if his intense study of it would cause the turd to appear right here in the flesh, ready for interrogation.

After adding Luke Branson to my Turd Roster, I couldn’t help but harrumph all to myself. I just love our Cozy Cash Adventure terms. For example, there is “vic” for victims and “perp” for perpetrators.

But by far, my personal favorite is “turd”, the name Roman, Zoey and R use for the money-hungry thugs we’ve been busy rounding-up. And wow, after spending most of my adult life on the posh Upper East Side of Manhattan, I’ve sure never been able to spout-off about turds.

Now then...back to our current turd on the loose.

Luke had the dark features of an Italian god. His black hair cascaded down around his shoulders in the first photo, but was severely pulled back in the second shot. In both, his raven eyes bore holes right through you.

The photos offered no room for misinterpretation. Luke Branson was a force to be feared, and he wanted anyone looking at him to have no doubts they should be afraid...very, very afraid.

FLUID FULFILLMENT is another 99 Cent D. D. Scott Ebook!!!

The Best of D. D. Scott-ville & Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery Wishes --- D. D. Scott

P.S. Mom Squad Mini-Mayhem Mystery #2 - LICENSED FOR LOVE - will release the end of October. Stay-tuned for more Mom Squad-style mayhem with that short-story gem too...